ISSUE-158: text-combine change requests from EPUB JP

text-combine change requests from EPUB JP

CSS3 Writing Modes
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Koji Ishii
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Here are the feedbacks from EPUB JP ML.

* They would like "how to fit into ideally 1em square" to be UA dependent. Having examples or "may"s in the spec is good, but UA vendors should be able to use their own creativity and should be able to choose the best method for each platform and/or their fonts.
* The use of half/one-third/etc glyphs should be "may", not "should"
* Concluded scaling is better than falling back to "none" when the width exceeds the line height drastically, but the limit to start scaling should also be UA dependent.
* Scaling may be used instead or in addition to half/one-third/etc glyphs.
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Writing Modes spec updated

Koji Ishii, 19 Feb 2011, 20:41:43

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