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Once Upon A Time, Web Standards Curriculum

Once upon a time, we started the Quality Assurance activity at W3C in 2001, one of the objectives was to find a way to improve the materials for communicating with Web developers. In the QA group, Snorre M. Grimsby (Opera) told me that we might find resources for producing educational materials. The discussion became quiet for a while and restarted in June 2006 with David Storey (Opera). As the same time, some people at WASP started a survey for defining requirements for a Web Standards Curriculum.

Finally in March 2008, David introduced me Chris Mills (Opera) and I had the chance to read and send comments on earlier drafts of the Web Standards Curriculum. It has been now released and it's a wonderful piece of work. I will give it a full read and review in the next month and suggest things to Chris Mills.

Now how can you help? Read it, use it in your Web agency, in your classroom, among your Web developers friends. Note what people misunderstood, suggest techniques to Chris Mills to improve his materials. Publish it on your blog, talk about it. Let it grow in the community. It's a cool work which comes from a long story and really it is beautiful story.

Thanks to Chris Mills and Opera. They did it.

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Roberto Scano (IWA/HWG) # 2008-07-13

Good WSC... but in the curriculum is not requested any competency in Web accessibility? Really? Btw, this curriculum if fixed should be inserted in the IWA/HWG recognized skills for web professionals.

Karl Dubost Author Profile Page # 2008-07-13

Hi Roberto,

I invite you to communicate your comments to Chris Mills. He is still working hard on the rest. It is not finished as he is saying. Did IWA/HWG produce materials for Web professionals with a Creative Commons license?

Andrew # 2009-01-08

Guys, thanks for your work. Special thanks to Karl! Wbr, СКС

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