W3C Marketing & Communications

Coralie Mercier, Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

March 2024 update

W3C MarComm

Coralie Mercier, Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

March 2024 update

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Table of contents

  1. W3C MarComm Team
  2. W3C MarComm objectives
  3. Messaging: virtuous circle
  4. W3C audiences
  5. W3C strengths
  6. MarComm channels
  7. Landing pages
  8. W3C at events
  9. W3C Members support

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Meet the W3C MarComm Team

W3C MarComm Team

The team counts 2.90 FTE across 5 individuals (as of March 2024):

Members of the comm team and bio See the W3C Marketing & Communications team directory

The role of W3C MarComm


  1. Communicate positively who we are and what we do for the Web overall
  2. Build W3C's influence & improve W3C's reputation
  3. Support W3C development efforts
  4. Support W3C Working/Interest Groups operations
    (i.e., execution of the Process Document requiring communication)
  5. Support W3C Members

Meta messaging: virtuous circle

W3C audiences

In order to achieve its objectives, W3C needs to reach out and tell our great story to many stakeholders:

W3C's unique strengths

Proven processes

Human and social dimension

W3C MarComm channels

Traditional communications channels

Infrequent communications channels

Other channels we use infrequently or have not yet experimented with:

Traditional marketing channels

  • Slide decks
  • Flyers
  • Road-maps/Dashboards
  • Banners/Posters
  • Graphics
  • Goodies
  • Stickers
  • End of year holiday card

→ Technical + Member spotlights (TBD)

Infrequent marketing channels

Other channels we use infrequently or have not yet experimented with:

Landing pages

W3C MarComm made incremental improvements to the W3C Website culminating in launch of redesigned Website in 2023.

Events support

W3C at external events

W3C sometimes becomes Media Sponsor of external events. We very rarely pay sponsorship money. Our criteria are:

Do not commit without discussing with MarComm first.

Partnership: W3C typically offers

(*) This should be rare and should not be offered lightly.

Partnership: W3C typically gets

W3C Members support

Press releases

W3C members are encouraged to issue press releases about their use of W3C standards in products or services.

We ask that your comm teams send draft press releases about W3C work to w3t-pr@w3.org so that we may correct any factual errors, and coordinate.

To preserve vendor neutrality W3C staff do not supply quotes in Member press releases.

W3C and its staff may not endorse an organization’s products/services.

Media relations

Press and analyst interviews: we encourage W3C Members to mention relevant W3C activities in their interviews with media and analysts.

To get in touch with us, write to w3t-pr@w3.org.

With sufficient notice, W3C experts may also be available to be interviewed.

Social media

W3C is active on social media:

We encourage W3C Members to use those and tag us in social media posts. With sufficient notice, social media promotion can be coordinated.

Speaking engagements

W3C Member representatives who give talks about their activity at industry events and conferences do tell the world about your support for standards.

We encourage W3C Member organizations to let us know at w3t-pr@w3.org so we can update the W3C talks database as well as promote in social media.

W3C branded presentation templates are available:
html (with humaans), html (generic), .potx, .pptx, .pdf


W3C has a comprehensive sponsorship program so that organizations that benefit greatly from the Web can help support W3C operations.

Thank you!

Contact us:
w3t-comm@w3.org (for W3C Team)
w3t-pr@w3.org (for everyone else)

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