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Are you interested in diving into the Mobile Web? We have gathered here a few of the resources that can help you in this adventure...


W3C mobileOK Checker
This tool, based on the W3C mobileOK Basic Tests standard, identifies problems a given Web page would create on a mobile browser; a great way to get started on making an existing Web page mobile-friendly!
mobileOK Bookmarklet
Create a bookmark in your toolbar with the following address to quickly check whether the page you are looking at is mobileOK: javascript:/* W3C mobileOK Checker */''+escape(window.location.href)); void 0
mobileOK Pythia
If you are looking for a plug-in for your authoring tool that generates mobileOK content, or if you are looking into developing such a plug-in in PHP, mobileOK Pythia is here to help!
Markup Validator
Want to make sure your page conforms with XHTML Basic or XHTML MP? Check it with the markup validator!
CSS Validator
The CSS Validator can check various levels and profiles of Cascading Style Sheets, including CSS Mobile Profile, and can restrict itself to a given CSS Media Type (e.g. handheld).
Convertor of (X)HTML to XHTML Basic
This tool takes almost any HTML or XHTML page and does its best of converting it into XHTML Basic (1.1 or 1.0).
Mobile Web Test Harness
Do you need help figuring which mobile browser supports what technology and how well? The Mobile Web Test Harness may have the answer you're looking for.

Discussion list

Want to share mobile web development tricks with your peers, or ask if one of them has a solution to your problem? Join the discussion on - this mailing list is publicly archived, and you can subscribe to it by sending a mail with "subscribe" in the subject to


Mobile Web Best Practices
This collection of advices is meant to help Web developers understand better the challenges and opportunities of getting mobile
Mobile Web Best Practices Flipcards (PDF)
A summary of the Mobile Web Best Practices in a set of colorful flipcards
Mobile Web Application Best Practices
Practical advice for the easy development and the deployment of mobile Web applications that work across many platforms.
Mobile Web Application Best Practices Cards (PDF)
A summary of the Application Best Practices in a set of colorful flipcards
Device Description Repository Simple API
This server-side API allows Web developers to create Web pages and applications tailored to each and every device by giving a uniform access to Device Descriptions repositories.
XHTML Basic 1.1 Cheat Sheet
A compilation of all you need to know about XHTML Basic 1.1, including the full list of elements and attributes
XHTML Basic 1.1
The specification of the markup language of reference for the Mobile Web
XHTML Flavors comparison
You already know XHTML 1.0 and want to learn how Basic 1.1 differs from it? This is what you need!
CSS Mobile Profile
The set of CSS properties best fitted for mobile devices


W3C organized a couple of webinars on the Mobile Web:

(See the webinars page to find equivalent webinars in French and German)

More generally, you can find useful information in the presentations made by W3C Staff and Members on the Mobile Web Initiative.

mobileOK CMS and transcoders

The following content management systems are advertized as creating mobileOK Web pages:

Do you know of others CMS and transcoders producing mobileOK content? Please let Dom know at!

Device Description Repositories

The following device description repositories provide access to their data through the DDR Simple API:

Contact: Dominique Hazaël-Massieux <>