The Mobile Web Initiative Working Groups have developed the following technical reports (see also the full list of W3C Technical Reports):

W3C Standards

Mobile Web Best Practices
Released as a Web standard in July 2008, the Mobile Web Best Practices condenses the experience of many mobile Web stakeholders into practical advice on creating mobile-friendly content, helping to improve the experience of people browsing the Web on a wide array of mobile handsets.
Mobile Web Application Best Practices
Released as a Web standards in December 2010, this new generation of guidelines focus on the development of Web applications and widgets for user interaction opportunities on mobile devices. For example, mobile content providers might use Web applications together with geolocation information to provide users with richer location-based services and interfaces.
mobileOK Basic
mobileOK Basic allows to assess basic usability, efficiency and interoperability of Web sites when used on mobile devices. This specification serves as the fundation to the mobileOK checker.
Device Description Repository Simple API
This document describes a simple language-neutral API to access repositories of device descriptions, allowing Web content providers to tailor their contents taking into account a range of factors such as screen size, markup language support and image format support.

White papers

Mobile Web for Social Development Roadmap
Current challenges of deploying development-oriented services on mobile phones, evaluate existing technologies, and identify the most promising directions to lower the barriers of developing, deploying and accessing services on mobile phones and thereby creating an enabling environment for more social-oriented services to appear.
Content Transformation Guidelines
This document provides guidance to content transformation proxies and content providers as to how inter-work when delivering Web content, especially to mobile devices.
Relationship between Mobile Web Best Practices and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
This report describes the relationships, overlaps and differences between the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP). Introductory information can be found in Web Content Accessibility and Mobile Web: Making a Web Site Accessible Both for People with Disabilities and for Mobile Devices.
Device Description Repository Core Vocabulary
This document lists a set of properties that are recommended as a basis in device description repositories.
Device Description Structures
This document explores an XML syntax and an extension to the DDR Simple API to create groups of devices that share common characteristics (manufacturers, functionalities, etc.).
Device Description Ecosystem and Device Description Landscape
These documents explore the solutions existing for the discovery of device descriptions in 2007.
Guidelines for writing device independent tests
This document highlights some ways to develop test cases and test suites that are suited for usage on mobile devices.
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