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TPAC 2014 Internationalization Agenda


  • Richard Ishida (Activity Lead)
  • Addison Phillips (Chair)

How to Play Along With Us

This page contains our up-to-the-minute plans for meetings and activities at W3C 2014 TPAC. Look here to find out what the Working Group is doing at a specific time. Times given will be in U.S. Pacific Time, which is UTC-07:00 during TPAC.

We will keep the IRC channel #i18n open. Minutes will be kept using RRSAgent. If you just want to check in, log on to IRC and ask to participate.

IRC channel: #i18n on IRC via the Web: (#i18n channel)

Minutes will appear in "date space". See individual links below (these will give you a 404 until we've logged on those dates)


27 October

No WG meeting planned. Watch for our individual activities

  • 11:30 WCAG (Richard + Addison)
  • noon Milling about
  • 13:00 CSV I18N discussion (see [1])

28 October

No WG meeting planned. Watch for our individual activities

11:00 AM URL spec meeting (Webapps)

29 October

Plenary and W3C's 20th Anniversary. Woot!

30 October

  • 09:00 Introductions and Getting Starting
  • 10:00 Review activity
  • 11:20 discuss Chinese font issues
  • 13:00 Lunch (back at 14:00)
  • 14:00 What the WG does all day
  • 14:30 meet with HTML (timezones proposal, locales, ruby)
  • 15:30 MLWeb Best Practices (external meeting away from our room)
  • 16:30 ITS Summary
  • 16:45 IDN status and issues
  • 17:20 (adjourn)

Backlog Agenda

  • URL Spec
  • CharMod
  • Reviews
  • IME topics?
  • TC 39/ECMAScript I18N?
  • Talking about Text with fantasai

31 October

WG Meeting

  • 08:46 Meet with Privacy WG (aka PING) (Location: TBD)
  • 09:30 Chinese Layout Requirements: status and update (An Qi)
  • 10:50 Coffee
  • 11:20 tour
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 14:00 Presentations
  • 14:20 CSS Topics
  • 15:00: Meet with Digital Publications Interest Group (1 hour planned)