2014 TPAC -- Internationalization Working Group

31 Oct 2014

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Addison, Richard, Leandro, Dennis, Felix, Chunming, AnQi, Bobby, fantasai
Addison Phillips
aphillip, addison, aphllip, aphillips


AOB today?

<addison> richard: will meet about CLReq TOC later

<addison> [note: omitted a very interesting and deep discussion of IDN]

<aphllip> ScribeNick: aphillip

Meeting with Privacy WG

<aphllip> addison: folks, we're meeting with Privacy in the "Ponderosa" room

<aphllip> ... at 8:46:30 PDT :-)

<aphllip> Meeting: 2014 TPAC → Internationalization Working Group

<aphllip> addison: privacy's IRC is #privacy

<aphllip> discussing our best practices of doing reviews

<aphllip> richard is talking about tracker

Discuss Agenda

<aphllip> addison: thanks the PING group for being hospitable

<aphllip> richard: here's the page with our guidance

<aphllip> ... could use help maintaining the materials

<aphllip> ... external links need to be consistently good

<aphllip> richard: here is a non-dynamic version

<aphllip> (looking at "personal names around the world")

<addison> scribenick: addison

leandro: have my own tool, dynamic, uses PHP
... has a knowledge base
... as well as eval tool
... wondering how we can get analytics

richard: talked about it before
... be interesting to have that
... systems doesn't usually provide
... would be nice to have
... privacy issues, etc.
... pages are written in PHP

addison: would be great to see something like your tool

leandro: a lot of materials that are public knowledge
... for example, how to use a US English keyboard to type a Devanagari string

<scribe> ACTION: leandro: share information about public knowledge base materials for use on W3C site [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-362 - Share information about public knowledge base materials for use on w3c site [on Leandro Reis - due 2014-11-07].

richard: since I'm showing articles
... in the past they required you to read the whole thing
... and have been changing to try to use a new approach
... more compact
... have a question
... just be short with background and put it in the question
... and then have an answer
... this one is longer
... but keep answer shorter
... and then details section with the in-depth information
... if you're thinking of writing articles
... consider using this format

Chinese Layout Requirements developments

AnQi: from beijing Team
... introduction to CLReq
... my computer not happy :-(
... so no slides
... talked to CSS a couple years ago
... need CLReq
... I was the only person at the time
... launched China Host at Beihan University
... have 8 staff, mostly full time
... xiaoqian is the Interaction Domain person
... started to reach out to local communities to come up with CLReq document
... what does Chinese mean? only Han?
... have 56 groups in china, 80 languages, more than 30 scripts

<chunming> http://www.chinaw3c.org/layout-workshop.html

AnQi: to be visible need more
... not just Simplified and Traditional Chinese
... should include SC, TC, and major scripts
... Uyghur, Mongolian, maybe Korean
... with support, organized workshop
... good coverage

(see link above)

AnQi: Baidu, alibaba, digital pubs, layout folks
... introduction on local community work
... english page still not cleaned up
... most scripts or languages have something done
... such as Tibetan has a table of requirements
... for correct presentation on web
... enthusiastic expert on the script
... introduced the work
... also a well-connected guy from mongolian speaker community
... reach consensus to set up Task Force
... to get whatever we discussed done
... good support
... have a list
... to discuss


AnQi: finished draft of charter
... goes to WG for review
... that's the stuff for us

<chunming> the english version of the workshop final report: http://www.chinaw3c.org/layout-workshop-report.html

<aphllip> AnQi: introduce w3c work

<aphllip> scribenick: aphillip

<aphllip> AnQi: need to have relationship to government

<aphllip> ... have a strong relationship

<aphllip> ... may have on national standards track

<aphllip> ... "pay two bills"

<aphllip> ... translation work, since local standard is in Chinese

<aphllip> ... still need to get into English

<aphllip> ... that's my content, questions?

<aphllip> leandro: wasnt' aware of 30 scripts in china

<aphllip> AnQi: some regions may have different scripts, sometimes even two villages

<aphllip> ... dying out in some ways

<aphllip> leandro: Yi script: is that official?

<aphllip> AnQi: yes

<aphllip> leandro: plans for layout requirements?

<aphllip> AnQi: that's the "next-next" step

<aphllip> ... current ones have work done already

<aphllip> ... focus on the ones on top fo the list

<aphllip> ... secondary groups might be harder

<aphllip> ... need to choose carefully so it encourages people

<aphllip> leandro: trying to understand scope

<aphllip> AnQi: very ambitious

<aphllip> ... seem more complicated thatn I expected

<aphllip> ... national center bodies

<aphllip> ... minority groups people

<aphllip> .. some cultural differences

<aphllip> ... want it to happen

<aphllip> felix: standards you mention

<aphllip> ... are there english versions

<aphllip> felix: chinese standards are descirbed, are they available in english?

<aphllip> chunming: requirements benefit both of web and digpub

<aphllip> ... some documents are office format

<aphllip> ... maybe some english versions

<aphllip> ... but confident

<aphllip> scribenick: aphillip

<aphllip> felix: hard if information is not available in english

<aphllip> ... jlreq depended on japanese standard

<aphllip> ... some concerns about publishing to web

<aphllip> AnQi: hard to understand jargon even in Chinese

<aphllip> ... first impression is not

<aphllip> ... miniroty langauges not as advanced as what the japanese had

<aphllip> chunming: some minority groups manuscripts

<aphllip> ... have done preliminary search

<aphllip> ... have reached results

<aphllip> ... in someone's head or local files though

<aphllip> ... so just need to get them to participate

<aphllip> AnQi: industry players shared best practices

<aphllip> ... in workshop

<aphllip> ... and dig pubs work

<aphllip> ... all happy to be involve3d

<aphllip> richard: thank you deeply

<aphllip> ... rely on you!

<aphllip> ... happy to help you

<aphllip> AnQi: charter ready

<aphllip> ... WG review

<aphllip> ... also local work will be carried in both task force and national standard body

<aphllip> ... wearing two hats

<aphllip> ... sychro will be on us

<aphllip> ... bridge between requeirementgs and WGs

<aphllip> addison: good to have a description of what the layout "is", not what web tech needs

<aphllip> richard: also good to have a document about what the script is

<aphllip> ... because the "gaps" get closed and go obsolete

<aphllip> ... so the CLReq is evergreen

<aphllip> ... and then we have a specific set of requirements/implementation issues

<aphllip> AnQi: how involved in the gap documents should people be

<aphllip> addison: important to the gap documents to have actual expertise

<aphllip> felix: (draws diagram) needs some people between chinese-speaking experts and w3c layout folks

<aphllip> addison: need "bridge"

<aphllip> richard: a chinese list (and maybe other languages, such as mongolian or tibetan)

<aphllip> ... and then a process to convert to an English version

<aphllip> ... and have a wider group to review that

<aphllip> ... charter proposes using w3c lists

<aphllip> ... such as the cjk list

<aphllip> richard: here's example of one document that we started the translation process

<aphllip> ... working on TOC and next steps

<aphllip> ... more of that soon?

<aphllip> ... one of the next steps is WG to review charter

<aphllip> ... very relevant to that

<aphllip> richard: go to members and interaction domain

<aphllip> ... need additonal exercise to convert requirements document to gap document

<aphllip> ... and then need the various experts to be around for the long term

<aphllip> ... field questions from groups like css

<aphllip> ... bilingual face to face meetings

<aphllip> felix: good process

<aphllip> richard: want to recruit core of experts as IE

<aphllip> AnQi: have bobby ;-)

<aphllip> (richard and addison debate who is forgetting the most)

<aphllip> richard: don't want tog et into situation where xiaoqian or i or... whomever.... has to take the burden all the time

<aphllip> ... want chinese or inner mongolian or whatever person to communicate

<aphllip> ... bandwidth limit

<aphllip> ... wrote email to mongolians at meeting

<aphllip> ... hoping to get them to interact directly

<aphllip> richard: other thing to note

<aphllip> ... monogolian is a great example

<aphllip> ... not always specs that need work

<aphllip> ... other issues exist

<aphllip> ... such as vertical text

<aphllip> ... these things need to be in spec

<aphllip> ... and then need to talk to implementers to encourage implementation

<aphllip> ... other issues, like fonts as one example

<aphllip> ... not complete interop

<aphllip> ... so lots of rules to get right output

<aphllip> ... not something w3c sometimes does

<aphllip> ... but wider view

<aphllip> ... to get onto web, need it

<aphllip> ... don't want to take on character encoding or font encoding problems

<aphllip> ... but need more commitment to tracking issues and fostering communication

<xiaoqian> I remembered last time Richard and I visited UC browsers and Wechat, both of them showed interest in implement since there is a large group of users in these scripts

<aphllip> addison: distribution of standards, such as harfbuzz or opentype and such

<aphllip> richard: work will be done may not cover everything

<aphllip> ... and w3c will not do all of the work

<aphllip> addison: provide a place to do it, not necessarily the "doing"

<aphllip> AnQi: the two hats cause a problem

<aphllip> ... national standards body will stop as document released

<aphllip> ... no implementaiton part

<aphllip> ... don't stop halfway

<aphllip> felix: we did our 50 pages work, go implement

<aphllip> ... but when implementers ask questions, "we don't exist any more"

<aphllip> richard: as long as Interest Group still exists and willing to participate, that can help

<aphllip> AnQi: national standards body not started work yet

<aphllip> ... put into charter for after they release document

<aphllip> richard: do you want to add text to charter about that?

<xiaoqian> Also we can maintain a CG for this TF

<aphllip> chunming: incorporate into working scope

<aphllip> ... kind of subcommittee

<aphllip> ... 11 working gruops

<aphllip> ... already connected language experts

<aphllip> ... software tools vendors, content providers, etc.

<aphllip> ... one important thing missing

<aphllip> ... no participation from outside china

<aphllip> ... organization not in china can only observer status

<aphllip> ... but add more people

<aphllip> ... be happy if w3c could be observer

<aphllip> ... beihan university could be that as well, as it is a legal entity

<aphllip> ... two way communication

<aphllip> ... task force in w3c

<aphllip> ... and later IG

<aphllip> ... add some of the members to join

<aphllip> chunming: some companies or orgs

<aphllip> ... could be listed

<aphllip> ... so can notify each other

<aphllip> ... (refers to diagram)

<aphllip> good idea

<aphllip> chunming: good idea, transfer some of important information to english

<aphllip> ... and then send to w3c list

<aphllip> richard: need more, that's very serial

<aphllip> ... dpeends on translation to english

<aphllip> ... and group awareness limited

<aphllip> ... they need to watch w3c specs

<aphllip> ... direct input

<aphllip> chunming: html-chinese-ig

<aphllip> ... could play role?

<aphllip> ... many in chinese group not aware of html and such

<aphllip> ... but IG has that

<aphllip> ... discussion items list?

<aphllip> richard: wondering how that interplays with TF

<xiaoqian> chunming, I would prefer to use our Chinese dpub CG, where we already gather some of the TF participants there

<aphllip> ... might be good idea

<aphllip> ... IG is pool of experts?

<aphllip> ... the "worldview" vs. chinese view

<xiaoqian> Most people in the IG are not interested in the TF at all

<aphllip> AnQi: cindy's point may be a good idea

<aphllip> chunming: TF be a link between Chinese poeple and preliminary discussion of impact

<aphllip> richard: trying to get some ideas clear in my mind

<aphllip> ... shoudl task force is in both places, overlaps (draws on diagram)

<aphllip> ... getting input in different places and sharing

<aphllip> ... like an "executive group" in the TF

<aphllip> ... some people to facilitate

<aphllip> felix: like kobayashi-san was

<aphllip> ... sometimes in Japanese only, or in between, or..

<aphllip> ... so getting a few people to distill

<aphllip> ... doesn't need to be formal

<aphllip> ... but some vision of how stakeholders interact

<aphllip> chunming: some volunteers

<aphllip> ... like drafting english versions

<aphllip> ... some experts have bad english communication can communicate through TF

<aphllip> ... dpub CG can talk to like style or html

<aphllip> AnQi: concerned about commo

<aphllip> richard: venn diagram is a great idea

<aphllip> ... need to see how ideas map onto that

<aphllip> ... IG list, ePub list

<aphllip> ... public-cjk list

<aphllip> ... zh list for chinese language

<aphllip> ... getting everyone together to see what's being discussed about a particular issue

<aphllip> ... some discussion that happens only in chinese

<aphllip> ... eventually maybe summary in english

<aphllip> ... for example, if we produce clreq

<aphllip> ... then people like Tony Graham

<aphllip> ... will write into the list

<aphllip> ... he's really interested in scripts

<aphllip> ... and people like him might raise a comment

<aphllip> ... and need to be seen by appropaite people

<aphllip> ... and the chinese speakers need to see it too

<fsasaki> [homepage of tony http://www.mentea.net/about.html ]

<aphllip> ... but english list becomes focal point for that discussion

<aphllip> AnQi: use a professional for translating the materials

<aphllip> richard: that's great for documents, but translators can't handle every email and such

<aphllip> chunming: tools for commo

<aphllip> ... public mailing archive

<aphllip> ... of zh list

<aphllip> ... other lists for specific languages

<aphllip> ... e.g. ml-in-local-language

<aphllip> ... just cjk list for more consensus

<aphllip> ... also wiki page for TF

<aphllip> ... be in English or English+Chinese

<aphllip> ... so everyone know

<aphllip> ... IG and CG lists, using chinese as discussion language

<aphllip> ... things in style or epub

<aphllip> ... not sure we need another mailing list for dsicussion in english

<aphllip> richard: cjk list is english forum for work

<aphllip> ... japanese and korean also on that list

<aphllip> ... advantage

<aphllip> ... they can see things shared like vertical text stuff

<aphllip> addison: too many lists not helpful: too many to look at

<aphllip> richard: chinese list in TF focused on getting work done

<aphllip> ... but general discussion needs to go to everyone

<aphllip> ... (uses example of wrapping to next line)

<aphllip> ... not sure hwo that works if you don't include everyone

<aphllip> ... and maybe you copy all three lists on each email..........

<aphllip> ... might overload

<fsasaki> https://www.w3.org/2007/02/japanese-layout/admin.html

<aphllip> felix: one more thought

<aphllip> ... admin page for jlreq

<aphllip> ... not saying you shoud use this page (no way!)

<aphllip> ... but might help

<aphllip> ... says where the documents are, where the lists are, lists of minutes

<aphllip> ... minutes put into english

<aphllip> ... so can see

<aphllip> AnQi: page is member?

<aphllip> felix: doesn't need to be

<aphllip> richard: hope to have TF homepage

<aphllip> ... linked from Activity

<aphllip> felix: some people preferred not to be public

<aphllip> ... not MO

<aphllip> ... some people saying "use JIS document", but not part of JIS

<aphllip> ... not formal

<aphllip> ... so not "public"

<aphllip> AnQi: difficult to make everyone a Member

<aphllip> (discussion of participation and who's in TF/not in)

<aphllip> (taking pictures of the pretty diagram)

Venn diagram of groups involved

<aphllip> (discussion of coffee)

<aphllip> richard: need to create TF membership "list"

<aphllip> (exited: AnQi, Chunming) I18N thanks you for your participation

Sharing Time

<addison> richard: picker update

<addison> (addison peruses on a Fire)

<addison> richard: new slide layout

<addison> scribenick: addison

Tour of the WG

richard: reviews, radar, talked about in PING
... any questions?
... tracker
... included in that
... tests
... go back there from time to time
... we have some tests that might be of interest about IDN
... old format for those
... tests such as mouse-over and such
... doing the Encoding tests really was helpful
... proved that writing tests early is a great way of understanding the spec
... want to spend more of my time writing tests next year
... such as for vertical writing
... and css,etc
... making tests conform to TTWF
... need certain metadata
... and as concise and clutter-free as possible
... in independent files
... one per file
... used to use PHP
... but a barrier to create tests
... and incompatible\
... had to convert
... so now single flat files
... here's an example

(lang attribute)

richard: this one is script driven
... so produces a result
... shows source
... think having an "assert" is a must for our tests
... it spells out what the test does
... concisely says what will/won't happen
... a yes/no
... keep visible bit of test to a minimum
... notes about test are in an HTML comment block\
... always put in class=test div

<scribe> (continues anatomy)

richard: (goes back to encoding tests)
... so each of these cells is tested
... but only one result for the whole page
... the other aspect to be aware of
... the results are pulled up into the tables
... the results come from individuals
... can click "score" button
... you select your browser and then say "fail" or "pass", etc.
... keep going through tests
... show results button
... can email it in
... and richard can integrate it
... added the ability to select
... run on mobile devices
... show results for them
... going to china I saw that people were on the mobile web all the time
... only on mobile phone

leandro: lot of testing that needs to happen with different browsers
... a lot of time there

richard: a bit of black art to get the tests right
... if you want to write tests
... can help you produce
... if you run, send me data, good too

leandro: so encoding tests
... ?

richard: we're in CR so yeah
... and CSS needs it too
... dennis, might want to make IDN/IRI support ones

dennis: run these?

richard: if need to change, let me know. never converted these to current format

felix: related to tests
... remember that hackathon suggestion?
... didn't pursue at time
... but maybe look at that again?

richard: excellent idea
... a hackathon test coming up sunday-ish?
... a TTWF event
... and find issues
... would have been a good week
... maybe the MLWeb forum

felix: a bit far away........
... main focus is "easy to get there"

addison: possibly on-line?

felix: in leipzig no real output
... more planning the better the results

richard: make sure we organize so not all same test, etc.
... something to think about

<scribe> ACTION: addison: follow up with membership on hackathon planning for (e.g.) IRI/IDN or Encoding tests [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action02]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-363 - Follow up with membership on hackathon planning for (e.g.) iri/idn or encoding tests [on Addison Phillips - due 2014-11-07].

richard: Planet
... i don't often look at it recently
... some folks said nice things
... aggregates posts
... mostly allows to aggregate
... it's there
... Multilingual Web


richard: looked at task index
... topic index too
... don't get as many translations these days

leandro: any specific languages?

richard: no, any language welcome

(demonstrates viet)

(and ukrainian)

scribe: clicking on a language, locks you into that language
... using a cookie
... otherwise language negotiated
... should document at some point

<scribe> ACTION: richard: document how "sticky" language negotiation is done in our pages as an article [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action03]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-364 - Document how "sticky" language negotiation is done in our pages as an article [on Richard Ishida - due 2014-11-07].

richard: ML web
... started as a European Commish project
... asked to do 4 workshops in 2 years
... then felix set up another EC project
... to have ongoing support
... and other workshop with similar clauses
... dublin, rome, madrid
... and may go elsewhere next yeaqr
... may be last of them?
... lack a future organizer
... doesn't cost a lot, low tech
... but obstacle is fact that heavily hand-crafted
... part of the success
... get a program team together
... chases people down
... gets things set up
... hard to find support for that

felix: hard to delegate too
... if you ask someone you know
... use personal relationships

richard: format is wildly successful
... basically everyone gets 15 minutes to speak
... a few exceptions, maybe a 30 minuter to set scene
... and a keynoter
... and then extra time at the end to dsicuss
... nobody gets bored
... not too technical
... or too boring
... had sessions that brought in many disciplines
... language tech, semantic web, browsers, standards, content creaters like bbc or un, localization, users and their concerns, etc.
... unique thing about it
... another reason why 15 not-too-technical minutes help
... exposes lots of people to what is the MLW
... half day breakouts in unconferrence

leandro: paid or free?

richard: free

felix: many discpiplines
... helps if it doesn't cost

richard: produce a report
... summarize main topics
... each speaker summarized
... video everything
... have links to that

(sample videos)

felix: riga event is a maybe
... each one has EC staff
... funding comes from there

(discusses details)

richard: should have pointers to the talks somewhere they can be found

felix: maybe once a week or so tweet a video?

addison: or winter list, or both

richard: webi18n
... and multilingualweb
... both on twitter

felix: click on "projects" on ML web homepage
... that page shows the funding projects
... related w3c groups
... lower on the page
... groups influenced, grown, or created by this effort

leandro: who manages this site?

richard: i originally set up the site in Joomla, felix got it converted to html and maintains now
... used to be in many languages
... but that stopped........

LReq Checklist-y Thing


richard: identify "stuff" being done in documents
... for example the line-breaking
... links to source documents for layout requirements
... one or more links to specs
... where stuff is spelled out
... liinks to tests where available
... idea is to keep it evergreen
... so can find it again
... chunming sat down and grouped some of them
... 23 is too many items

Examine fate of Authoring Techniques for XHMTL&HTML

richard: so... do we throw this document away?
... we have two similar documents
... and you could read one of these and get the whole picture
... hard to maint
... because individual articles also exist
... answer was that this document has some useful intro material
... but is reduced to do/don't items
... in task indexes
... so if you click on more information you get
... link into task index
... same recommendations on topics index as this document
... more manageable
... but still not a good idea
... and now we have another document
... such as the WD-i18n-html-tech-char
... a VERY early draft

<scribe> chair: nominate that we publish a tombstone and abandon "Authoring Techniques for XHTML & HTML Internationalizatoin: Characters and Encodings 1.0", referring to the techniques index materials

addison: +1

<Leandro> +1

<r12a> +1

<fsasaki> +1

<DennisTan> +1

motion carries

<scribe> ACTION: richard: create tombstone version of "Authoring Techniques for XHTML & HTML Internationalizatoin: Characters and Encodings 1.0" as the end-of-life of this document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action04]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-365 - Create tombstone version of "authoring techniques for xhtml & html internationalizatoin: characters and encodings 1.0" as the end-of-life of this document [on Richard Ishida - due 2014-11-07].



CSS Topics


fantasai: trying to get to next css-text LC
... trying to finish edits
... have to deal with language-specific preferences
... needs to be writing system specific

richard: we thought maybe you mean tag, which can indicate the script

fantasai: can be the case, but not always
... need to explain writing system dependency

richard: don't want script subtags everywhere

fantasai: implementation shouldn't format ja-Latn as "japanese"

felix: if you have a textbook for studying japanese with japanese written in romaji, want to format using those rules

fantasai: yes. will send you some text
... where do we direct implementers
... latin used for a wide variety of languages, could do a better job if you know that, than just "nothing"

addison: aware of suppress-script?

fantasai: where to go? ietf?

richard: SIL has it and could follow that
... would love to collect that...

fantasai: could we do something about it, such as send approrpiate registrations to ietf
... most languages don't have anything

addison: the korean v. japanese discussion has been useful

fantasai: no introspection of content
... need something to point at for writing systems and tags for languages
... here's where to find information to find out about justification for all writing systems

richard: maybe you figure out that there are only a smallish number of actual ways of doing it
... or do you have modules that you bring in for specific languages

addison: the what-goes-with-what list

fantasai: want a list maintained by I18N indexed by language?

richard: have you see my recently produced page?


richard: developing more, such as mongolian
... point people to it there
... others we won't get to right away, like Thai or Arabic
... maybe have a temporary location
... like a wiki
... or rishida.net


scribe: almost a "layout requirements" in miniature
... almost a first WD!
... could point to

fantasai: can we get for justification specifically
... can we get a permanent URL?

richard: link hasn't changed, but title has

(cool url discussion)

addison: any actions?

richard: UAX14 issue (I18N-ISSUE-316)

fantasai: think informative is more appropriate here

richard: we've had an informative allustion for many years
... but browsers not fully implemented
... so we lose some interop
... so you SHOULD use this if not requirement to the contrary
... would help move browsers such as FF along
... makes consistent
... not saying "you MUST use uax14 for your line breaking"
... use as starting point until details emerge

fantasai: concern is that bugs will file against 14
... wrong because not following hte spec
... don't want those things corrected

richard: don't htink the cases have a large number
... other than a few gaps, not a big deal
... document the exceptions anyway

fantasai: appropriate line breaks need to be prioritized
... based on pairs table

richard: if you don't have any information you get interop probs

fantasai: don't think it is an inform/norm problem, just sloppy

richard: raise bugs instead?

fantasai: will get an "of course" perhaps?

richard: the folks who "know what's going on" will go away
... and need to document

fantasai: don't have time just now
... should do in next level?

richard: we should file bugs on moz
... and others
... see if get them to move
... point to tests
... say we're satisfied for L3 with revisit in L4

fantasai: any time you see this pair, can break
... vs. in some cases "maybe"

richard: at least for non-controversial, do it

fantasai: give a list
... ba category

richard: there are more than that

<scribe> ACTION: richard: identify categories non-controversial for line-breaking to support i18n-issue-316 in css3-text [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action05]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-366 - Identify categories non-controversial for line-breaking to support i18n-issue-316 in css3-text [on Richard Ishida - due 2014-11-07].

fantasai: breaks with lower priority than space
... that causes problems

richard: danda in indic
... not implemented well
... it's full stop

Visit to Digital Publications

in room "Seattle"

(introduces ourselves to digital publishing)

(richard presenting)

<aphillip> scribenick: aphillips

<aphillip> scribenick:aphillip


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: addison: follow up with membership on hackathon planning for (e.g.) IRI/IDN or Encoding tests [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action02]
[NEW] ACTION: leandro: share information about public knowledge base materials for use on W3C site [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: richard: create tombstone version of "Authoring Techniques for XHTML & HTML Internationalizatoin: Characters and Encodings 1.0" as the end-of-life of this document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action04]
[NEW] ACTION: richard: document how "sticky" language negotiation is done in our pages as an article [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action03]
[NEW] ACTION: richard: identify categories non-controversial for line-breaking to support i18n-issue-316 in css3-text [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/10/31-i18n-minutes.html#action05]
[End of minutes]

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