From Internationalization

Current work


  • Recharter the group to work on Rec-track documents

Spec review

Issue resolution

Resource development

See the Resources Pipeline

Encoding spec

  • Decide what to do with the encoding spec (develop here or elsewhere?)
  • Get Unicode feedback


  • Republish use case wiki notes as a WG Note
  • Create a community to develop ruby specification
  • Develop a spec for how ruby should be implemented
  • Bring the spec to the HTML5 WG

HTML5 bidi

  • move the current WD to WG Note
  • investigate possibility of a new element with bdi properties


  • Submit bidi tests to HTML5 test suite
  • Convert remaining i18n test suite to work with W3C framework


  • Produce Luxembourg report and video
  • Produce final project reports and do review

Community development

  • Explore opportunities for Korean, Chinese and Indic typographic requirements
  • Multilingual Web Sites Community Group

Liaison work


  • track IRI developments


  • track JavaScript internationalization developments


  • track Unicode developments


  • track ePub developments that affect Web i18n

Future work

i18n Checker

  • add more tests & reports
  • get translations and enable multilingual views
  • add XHTML5 tests
  • add language autodetection & compare with declarations
  • add feature to ignore certain messages
  • add langtag validation

Resource development

Charmod Norm

  • rewrite to reflect latest views wrt normalization

Web Services Note

  • publish Web Services draft as a deprecated WG Note