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ACTION-8 (edit) open take ITS ontology and NIF conversion into account for the next update of the usage scenarios document Christian Lieske 2014-05-30
ACTION-9 (edit) open Look at the XLIFF 2.0 change tracking module for provenance David Lewis 2014-05-30
ACTION-14 (edit) open Take for update of usage scenarios doc into account Christian Lieske 2014-05-30
ACTION-17 (edit) open Raise issue of addressing script topic for 2.x in IG. David Lewis 2014-05-30
ACTION-24 (edit) open Explore "doog fooding" of its2 in w3c Felix Sasaki 2014-05-30
ACTION-29 (edit) open Update its2 wikipedia article Arle Lommel 2014-05-30
ACTION-30 (edit) open work on json-ld mapping of its2 David Lewis 2014-05-30
ACTION-36 (edit) open Add a short local example to the template Felix Sasaki 2014-05-30
ACTION-38 (edit) open Create tr space for xliff<->its mapping Felix Sasaki 2014-05-30
ACTION-41 (edit) open Look into xliff2 validation using the oasis svn truck Felix Sasaki 2014-05-30
ACTION-42 (edit) open Talk to phil about mt confidence, xliff2 and ocelot Felix Sasaki 2014-05-30
ACTION-43 (edit) open Send a mail about errtaum and make the update within one week Felix Sasaki 2014-05-07
ACTION-44 (edit) open Follow up on its in xliff schema Felix Sasaki 2014-05-07
ACTION-45 (edit) open Review xliff 2.0 mappings David Filip 2014-05-07
ACTION-46 (edit) open Set up a sparql query page for use with its-ta-ref Felix Sasaki 2014-05-07
ACTION-47 (edit) open Find out what the timeline is for giving feedback (and felix too) to check if its ig would have time to produce an official w3c note David Lewis 2014-06-18
ACTION-48 (edit) open Check with cocomore if they would be interested in implementing the css attribute selector Felix Sasaki 2014-06-18
ACTION-53 (edit) open Work on overlap example and to do conversion Felix Sasaki 2014-10-27
ACTION-56 (edit) open Do write up of processing its+xliff files Felix Sasaki 2014-11-17

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