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Testing IRIs

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Status: The IRI specification is now an IETF Proposed Standard and is published as RFC 3987. We are now working on testing.

Existing Tests and Materials


(from Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Resource Identifiers Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria)

For each of these axes, there should be at least two implementations passing the applicable tests.

  1. use of IRIs in several document formats;
  2. use of IRIs in several locations in the same document format;
  3. use of non-ASCII characters in different parts of an IRI (e.g. domain name part, path part);
  4. use of IRIs in documents with various widely used character encodings and with characters from various scripts;
  5. use of document-specific escapes in IRIs;
  6. use of IRIs with various URI schemes;
  7. setup of various servers for IRIs;
  8. the translation of IRIs into URIs.

Mailing List

The mailing list for public discussion of IRIs, including testing, is public-iri@w3.org, with a public archive. To subscribe, send mail to public-iri-request@w3.org with subscribe as the subject.

Addison Phillips, I18N Core WG chair
Martin J. Dürst, Activity Lead, I18N Core WG staff contact, and IG chair
Richard Ishida, GEO WG Chair, ITS WG staff contact
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