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Status: The IETF IRI WG is now chartered and working on an update to RFC 3987.

The IRI specification has been published in January 2005 as RFC 3987 (IETF Proposed Standard). We are also working on testing, and on a survey of W3C specs and how they use IRIs.

This document defines a new protocol element, the Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI), as a complement to the URI (RFC 3986). An IRI is a sequence of characters from the Universal Character Set (ISO10646/Unicode). A mapping from IRIs to URIs is defined, which means that IRIs can be used instead of URIs where appropriate to identify resources.

Mailing List

The mailing list for public discussion of IRIs is public-iri@w3.org, with a public archive.To subscribe, send mail to public-iri-request@w3.org with subscribe as the subject. This list is now the mailing list of the IETF IRI WG, so the IETF Note Well applies.

Editing History

IETF IRI WG detailled editing history; history of published drafts: draft-ietf-iri-3987bis, draft-duerst-iri-bis,RFC 3987, draft-duerst-iri, draft-masinter-url-i18n; tool for diffs.

Bidi examples page; script to generate these examples (Ruby; old script in Perl)

Issues List

This issues list is being closed. For current issues, please see the IETF IRI WG's issue tracker.

MJD: Martin J. Dürst

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name description status raised discussion resolution
Issues on RFC 3987
moved to IETF WG issue tracker
identity-101 IRIs as identity tokens MUST use the Simple String Comparison moved Roy Fielding MJD fix
transcodeNFC-103 moved Björn Höhrmann MJD proposal: change MUST to SHOULD for this aspect
IRI-and-forms-107 sort out issues between IRIs and HTML form upload moved MJD - -
bidi-combining-108 allow combining characters at the end of a bidi component moved Michel Suignard - -
combining-start-109 disallow combining characters at start of a component moved Michel Suignard - proposal: use SHOULD
ZWNJ-ZWJ-111 do we need to say anything special about ZWNJ and ZWJ? moved Felix Sasaki - -
bidi-number-112 allow numbers at end of bidi components? moved Jonathan Rosenne - -
private-include-tags-115 include tag ranges in iprivate production moved MJD/Michel Suignard - include
leiri-relative-116 check leiri definition reference to iri syntax moved Paul Grosso MJD -
indent-100 indentation on p. 14 and 15 differ closed MJD - fixed (but watch RFC editor, see details)
theseCharacters-102 ambiguous text in section 3.1 closed Chris Lilley MJD, Chris Lilley potential new wording, adopted
semicolon-quoting-104 "&#233";->"é" closed MJD - fixed (but watch RFC editor)
IRIs-with-spaces-105 need a named definition for IRIs with spaces,... as used in various XML specs closed MJD (from XML Core WG) MJD, thread -
syntaxical-106 syntaxical->syntactical closed MJD - fixed (but watch RFC editor)
track-IDN-revision-110 track ongoing revision of IDN(A) specifications closed Michel Suignard - -
bidi-add-example-114 add a bidi example to show an allowed but very confusing case closed Matitiahu Allouche - example added
bidi-fix-example-113 bidi example 9 should be checked/fixed closed Matitiahu Allouche - fixed, difference between Arabic and Hebrew disappeared
leiri-abbrev-118 explicitly mention LEIRI abbreviation closed Paul Grosso MJD done
addressUpdate-117 Update Michel Suignard's coordinates closed MJD - updated
Issues up to RFC 3987
closed during mailing list work
iadditional-00 Should characters in iadditional (space, <, >,...) be allowed? closed draft-duerst-iri-03.txt Graham Klyne, Larry Masinter, Paul Hoffman, MJD disallow iadditional
iriequivalence-01 Allign IRI equivalence with W3C TAG URI Equivalence closed draft-duerst-iri-03.txt Larry Masinter, Paul Hoffman, Ted Hardie, MJD accepted
idnuri-02 Mapping of host part from IRIs to URIs: %hh or punycode? closed draft-duerst-iri-03.txt MJD, Björn Höhrmann, MJD, Roy Fielding, Dan Connolly, MJD, MJD, MJD, MJD, Adam Costello, Adam Costello, MJD, Michel Suingard, Adam Costello, MJD, MJD use %hh, but allow punycode for interoperability with legacy URI resolvers where scheme uses DNS
arabicnum-03 bidi examples seem contain Indic-Arabic numerals. Check/fix. closed MJD MJD, Rasha Morgan, MJD, Katsuhiko Momoi this is a browser issue
nfcnfkc-04 Should NFKC be used instead of NFC? closed Paul Hoffman MJD, Paul Hoffman, Ross Thomson, MJD, Michel Suignard, Paul Hoffman, MJD, Larry Masinter, Paul Hoffman, Ted Hardie, MJD created section about equivalence
e9notutf8-05 &#xe9; is not UTF-8 closed Paul Hoffman MJD, Paul Hoffman, MJD accepted
legacyNFC-06 Should normalization to NFC apply only to legacy encodings? closed Paul Hoffman MJD, Paul Hoffman, MJD, Paul Hoffman, MJD, Paul Hoffman, MJD accepted
bidiIDN-07 Do IRIs and IDNs display bidi domain names the same way? closed Paul Hoffman MJD, Paul Hoffman withdrawn
updateRFC3490-08 Update reference to point to published version of IDNA edited MJD  - accepted
NFCsecurity-09 Is there a security problem with normalization? closed Simon Josefsson MJD, Simon Josefsson, MJD, Simon Josefsson added some text
applicabilityUTF8-10 Improve point c) of applicability section closed Paul Hoffman Paul Hoffman, MJD, MJD, Paul Hoffman, MJD, Paul Hoffman accepted
URIsyntax-11 check/allign to URI syntax updates closed MJD MJD, MJD, MJD allign with rfc2396bis-05
htmlIRI-12 exact description of IRI handling in HTML 4 closed Björn Höhrmann MJD no changes needed
ncrUpper-13 use upper case for NCRs edited Björn Höhrmann MJD accepted
escapeInterpret-14 how are escapes interpreted closed Björn Höhrmann MJD, Björn Höhrmann, MJD, Björn Höhrmann, MJD, MJD no change needed
generateclarify-15 clarify language around generation/creation of IRIs closed MJD MJD added definitions and adjusted use of terms
queryclarify-16 clarify upgrading strategy for query parts closed Chris Haynes MJD, Chris Haynes, Chris Haynes, MJD, Chris Haynes, Michel Suignard, MJD, Chris Haynes, MJD added some text and tweaked it a bit
altdesign-17 explain why some alternate designs were not choosen closed Chris Haynes MJD, Chris Haynes, Chris Haynes, Chris Haynes, Michel Suignard, Chris Haynes, MJD,MJD, TexTexin, Chris Haynes, MJD, MJD, Chris Haynes, MJD added appendix
bidiDigits-18 digit-only or digit+LTR components may display ambiguously closed Roy Badami Roy Badami, Matitiahu Allouche, Roy Badami, MJD added example with warning
IDNhttp-19 Are IDNs allowed in http IRIs? closed Adam Costello Larry Masinter, Michel Suginard, MJD, Adam Costello, MJD, MJD, Tim Bray yes, clarified
IRIURIcharequiv-20 characte-by-character different IRIs are mapped to character-by-character equivalent URIs closed StuartWilliams MJD, Stuart Williams, Roy Fielding no action needed
LTRalways-21 Strictly using LTR embedding for IRIs does not make sense for all-RTL IRIs closed Jonathan Rosenne MJD, Jonathan Rosenne, Michel Suginard, Jonathan Rosenne, MJD, Jonathan Rosenne, MJD, Matitiahu Allouche, Jonathan Rosenne clarified
bidiconform-22 Say that strict conformance to the bidi algorithm is necessary. closed MichelSuginard MJD, Michel Suginard, Asmus Freytag, Michel Suginard, MJD accepted
punycodeSHOULD-23 SHOULD or MAY for the use of punycode in ireg-name in IRI->URI conversion closed Michel Suginard Larry Masinter, MJD, MJD, Larry Masinter, MJD MAY, but SHOULD for maximum interoperability with legacy resolvers
IURIsearch-24 should name be changed back to IURI for Web search? closed (MJD) Walter Underwood rejected
presentationElement-25 say that IRIs can be used as presentation elements for URI protocol elements closed Michel Suignard MJD, Michel Suginard accepted (with textual changes)
IDnits-26 check for all details of ID/RFC nits closed MJD MJD checked
closed after mailing list last call
editorial-Lilley-27 editorial comments from Chris Lilley closed Chris Lilley MJD, Chris Lilley, MJD accepted
IRIsyntax-28 how to define IRI syntax (in relationship to URI syntax) closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD keep asis, but add explanation
3.1BC-norm-29 clarification to Variants B) and C) in section 3.1, including normalization closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD accepted
convertASCII-30 converting %-escapes in the ASCII range does not roundtrip closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD convert %-escapes in ASCII, say that they don't round-trip
charcompareMUST-31 MUST NOT in section 5.1 is unclear; advise against char-by-char equivalence closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD, Graham Klyne, John Cowan, MJD, MJD clarified MUST NOT, rejected advice against char-by-char equivalence, added warning about IRIs that only differ by %-escaping
5.2resolve-32 MUST strays into application territory? closed GrahamKlyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD fixed: eliminated 'on the fly'
normRef-33 should some references be normative closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD accepted
needAPI-34 do we need a standard API? closed Graham Klyne MJD, Graham Klyne, MJD rejected, satisfied
editCleanup-35 a list of editorial cleanup items closed MJD MJD accepted
non-ASCII-3.1-36 details in Section 3.1 closed Chris Haynes MJD, MJD accepted except for "two or more"
ISO-Uni-ref-37 Updates reference to ISO 10646andUnicode closed Michel Suignard MJD, Michel Suignard, MJD accepted
closed after Submission to IESG
regname-255-39 should regname be limited to 255 octets/characters closed Dave McAlpin Roy Fielding, Dave McAlpin, Ira McDonald, Larry Masinter, Dave McAlpin, Roy Fielding, MJD, MJD removethelimit from the syntax
closed after IETF Last Call
iri-scheme-38 URI schemes and IRI deployment closed Stuart Williams MJD, Ted Hardie, Stuart Williams, MJD, MJD, MJD, Stuart Williams, MJD, Stuart Williams, MJD, Stuart Williams added some clarifications, and some more
uri-production-names-40 mirror uri production name changes closed MJD - made changes
latter-41 replace 'later' by 'latter' closed MJD Misha Wolf, Peter Saint-Andre, MJD replaced
why-not-normalize-42 make clear why variant C does not normalize closed Chris Lilley MJD, MJD, Chris Lilley added pointer to section 5.3
RFC2718-nonrecent-43 RFC 2718 is no longer recent closed MJD - removed 'recent'
replace-with-44 some English grammar fixes closed Daniel Barclay MJD accepted
update-bidi-45 update bidi algorithm used for examples closed MJD MJD updated algorithm and example 9 (not allowed)
relative-IRI-46 remove relative IRI terminology closed MJD MJD small syntax update and small wording changes
closed in IESG discussion
reduce-intro-47 delete last paragraph of section 1.1 before publication closed Russ Housley MJD removed paragraph and related references
zoneid-48 How are IPv6 zone IDs included in IRIs? closed Margaret Wasserman MJD add sentence saying zone IDs are not handled (+ working on an independent draft)
comparison-ladder-49 provide more guidance for comparison in security applications,e.g.with a full ladder like in RFC2396bis closed Russ Housley MJD, MJD added text from section 5 in RFC 2396bis (diff)

Addison Phillips, I18N Core WG Chair
Martin J. Dürst, I18N IG Chair
Richard Ishida, Activity Lead and staff contact
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