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How to Join the GEO Working Group

This page describes how to become a participant in the Internationalization Guidelines, Education & Outreach (GEO) Working Group. Participation in the Working Group enables you to influence the development of the deliverables, and you and your organisation will be listed, where appropriate, as contributors to the deliverables of the Working Group. Ongoing participant status, however, requires a continued commitment on your behalf to support the work of the group.

NOTE: If you are unable to make the required commitment, you can still follow the work by accessing the Internationalization Web site, the public mail archive, and all public GEO documents. You are also encouraged to participate in the Internationalization Interest Group via the www-international list.

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Participants in the working group are expected to observe the requirements of the W3C Process for Working Groups. In particular you should take note of the description of 'good standing' in section 4.2.4.

For this working group the following commitments are expected:

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Follow the instructions for joining.

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On completion of a successful application to join, you will be subscribed to the lists public-i18n-geo@w3.org (archive) and member-i18n-geo@w3.org (archive). You will also be subscribed to the Interest Group discussion list, www-international@w3.org (archive).

You will be invited to introduce yourself at the next teleconference, and the Chair will discuss with you how you will contribute to the work of the group.

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For general information about the W3C Process, please consult the Process Document and in particular general information about W3C Working Groups.

On the W3C site you can find more information about the system for managing W3C groups and, if you have member access, about how Working Groups work in the W3C Guidebook.

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