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W3C Group Participation (Join/Disclose/Exclude)

This page is a starting point for W3C Members, Invited Experts, and W3C staff who wish to join chartered W3C groups (see exceptions) or carry out some of the requirements of the W3C Patent Policy. See below for what you can do starting on this page.

A fact sheet with some statistics about the W3C Patent Policy is available, as well as a summary of disclosures and exclusions for all groups with patent policy licensing obligations. You may find answers to additional questions in the Patent Policy FAQ.


Working Groups (48)

  1. Audio Working Group (Status)
  2. Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (Status)
  3. Automotive Working Group (Status)
  4. Browser Testing and Tools Working Group (Status)
  5. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group (Status)
  6. CSV on the Web Working Group (Status)
  7. Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group (Status)
  8. Device APIs Working Group (Status)
  9. Education and Outreach Working Group (Status)
  10. Efficient XML Interchange Working Group (Status)
  11. Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group (Status)
  12. Forms Working Group (Status)
  13. Geolocation Working Group (Status)
  14. HTML Working Group (Status)
  15. Independent User Interface (Indie UI) Working Group (Status)
  16. Internationalization Working Group (Status)
  17. Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group (Status)
  18. Math Working Group (Status)
  19. Multimodal Interaction Working Group (Status)
  20. Near Field Communications Working Group (Status)
  21. Pointer Events Working Group (Status)
  22. Protocols and Formats Working Group (Status)
  23. RDF Data Shapes Working Group (Status)
  24. RDFa Working Group (Status)
  25. Research and Development Working Group (Status)
  26. Second Screen Presentation Working Group (Status)
  27. Social Web Working Group (Status)
  28. Spatial Data on the Web Working Group (Status)
  29. SVG Working Group (Status)
  30. System Applications Working Group (Status)
  31. Timed Text Working Group (Status)
  32. Tracking Protection Working Group (Status)
  33. User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (Status)
  34. Voice Browser Working Group (Status)
  35. Web Annotation Working Group (Status)
  36. Web Application Security Working Group (Status)
  37. Web Applications Working Group (Status)
  38. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (Status)
  39. Web Cryptography Working Group (Status)
  40. Web Notification Working Group (Status)
  41. Web Performance Working Group (Status)
  42. Web Real-Time Communications Working Group (Status)
  43. WebFonts Working Group (Status)
  44. XML Core Working Group (Status)
  45. XML Processing Model Working Group (Status)
  46. XML Query Working Group (Status)
  47. XML Security Working Group (Status)
  48. XSLT Working Group (Status)

Interest Groups (15)

  1. Digital Publishing Interest Group (Status)
  2. HTML5 Chinese Interest Group (Status)
  3. Internationalization Interest Group (Status)
    • Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Interest Group (Status)
      • Patents and Standards Interest Group (Status)
      • Privacy Interest Group (Status)
      • Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (Status)
      • Semantic Web Interest Group (Status)
        • Social Interest Group (Status)
        • WAI Interest Group (Status)
          • Web and Mobile Interest Group (Status)
          • Web and TV Interest Group (Status)
          • Web of Things Interest Group (Status)
          • Web Payments Interest Group (Status)
          • Web Security Interest Group (Status)

            Note: A small number of W3C Working and Interest Groups (Member-only) are not managed via this tool. These include Working Groups not yet under the W3C Patent Policy and some Interest Groups. For these groups, information about how to join should be available on each group home page.

            What You Can Do Starting On This Page

            For each W3C Group listed on this page, some or all of the following operations are available (depending on the type of group and its deliverables).

            Join or Leave the Group
            Only Advisory Committee Representatives, Invited Experts, and Team Representatives may join or leave a group. Note: Advisory Committee Representatives must join a group before nominating representatives.
            Nominate/Change Participants in the Group
            Only Advisory Committee Representatives may name new representatives in a group, or change representatives.
            Disclose Patents or Exclude Claims
            Anyone may disclose a patent related to specifications produced by the Group. Furthermore, Advisory Committee Representatives of participating Members may exclude patent claims. See the schedule of exclusion opportunities for all groups. To disclose a patent or exclude claims, you must have a W3C account (request a Member account, request a public account).
            Provide Additional Licensing Information
            Only Advisory Committee Representatives, Invited Experts and Team Representatives may provide additional licensing information (e.g., contact information) for the deliverables of a group that are covered by the W3C Patent Policy. For convenience, it is also possible to provide additional licensing information one time, for all groups and all deliverables covered by the W3C Patent Policy.

            Note: This set of resources is referred to as "IPP" as the pages were originally designed for the "Implementation of the Patent Policy."

            Team Administration of this Information

            Team members can also have a group added to this list (and all associated pages created automatically). See also the administration pages and IPP todo list.

            Note: All actions carried out through this system are reported by email to the relevant parties; copies are sent to w3c-archive@w3.org (Member-readable archive).

            Maintained by Carine Bournez (carine@w3.org) (originally developed by Dominique Hazaël-Massieux).
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