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The Architecture Working Group was closed as of 31 Jan 2008. Its work was moved to the I18n Core Working Group.

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About the Architecture Working Group

The Internationalization (I18N) Architecture Working Group is part of the W3C Internationalization Activity.

Mission: To move forward work on the Character Model for the World Wide Web and on Language Tags and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web.

For more details, see the Working Group Charter.



The working group holds a weekly teleconference to discuss work items for about one hour.

Day: TBD
Time: TBD (Convert to your timezone)

The agenda is sent to the member-i18n-arch list (archive) .

The meeting uses the Zakim teleconference bridge (conference number is 4186) and the W3C IRC server (irc.w3.org, channel #i18narch).

For minutes see the public-i18n-arch mail archive

Face-to-face meetings

No meetings currently planned.

Useful Links

Mailing Lists


[Archive] The public mailing list for the Core WG. This list is used for the bulk of communications and includes technical discussions, teleconference minutes and announcements of a general nature.


[ArchiveMO] Mailing list for discussion of member-confidential topics.


[Archive] Members of this group are encouraged to subscribe to this publicly archived mailing list for public technical discussion.

Work in Progress

Key documents in edit:

LTLI draws on the work of the Web Services Internationalization Task Force of the former Internationalization WG and two Note status documents published by that group.

Miscellaneous working documents:

How to Join

If you wish to become a member of the working group follow the joining instructions. Working group members are responsible for the development of the group's deliverables, so some minimum commitment is required.

If you are unable to make the required commitment to join the working group, you can still follow the work by accessing the Internationalization Web site, the public mail archive, and all public documents.

You are also encouraged to join the mailing list of the Internationalization Interest Group (public archive).

Current participantsMO.

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