F2F/Sydney 2013/Agenda

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Chairing Cameron Erik Cameron Erik Cameron
9:00 am
Scribe: Birtles Starting at 9:30 am
  • Agenda review
  • SVG 2 status, editing/publication plans
Scribe: heycam Scribe: Cyril

Scribe: Birtles

Starting at 9:30 am

Scribe: Cyril
  • SVG in OpenType spec proposals
  • context-fill, context-stroke, context-value
10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
Scribe: Birtles Scribe: heycam
  • HTML in SVG
Scribe: Birtles
  • Testing
  • Improved bbox methods
Scribe: Cameron
  • Media fragments and SVG stacks
  • CSS/SVG matrix harmonisation
Scribe: birtles
  • Next F2F
  • (work on actions)
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Scribe: Nikos
  • Marker knockouts using CSS Masking or Compositing features
  • Go over canvas path proposal and see how it can interface with SVG
Scribe: krit Scribe: ?? Scribe: cabanier
  • Presenting changes to Filter Effects and Custom Filters
  • CSS OM and SVG DOM improvements; exposing calc values
Scribe: ??
  • Global attributes from HTML?
  • Multiple strokes (and fills?)
3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
Scribe: Cyril
  • SVG DOM path improvements
  • Requirements prioritizing
Scribe: birtles
  • Glyph selection and positioning; associating text with graphics
  • Talk about changes in blending and compositing
Scribe: ?? Scribe: Cameron Scribe: ??
5:15 pm Hosted dinner

Scheduling constraints

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