F2F/Hamburg 2012/Agenda

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Monday (7th) Tuesday (8th) Wedneday (9th)
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Chairing Cameron Erik Erik
9:00 am
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  • Text (Cameron)
    • text layout proposal
      • Should glyph positions be assigned after collapsing white space?
      • Should a new chunk for anchoring be started with each explicit glyph position?
    • Discussion of the white-space property (mapping of xml:space, and multi-line text — also line-height)
    • Neutering other properties (display:block, position, float, border, padding, margin, text-align, text-indent, ...)
    • Text decoration rotation
    • How text decorations are split (matters when stroking)
    • Should we still require discretionary ligatures be turned off on text paths and when parts of the ligature are positioned? Or should we instead allow the user to control this with font-variant-ligatures?
    • ::before and ::after
    • ::first-line and ::first-letter
    • vertical-align — we have baseline-shift, and css3-line makes vertical-align:<length> be a shorthand for alignment-adjust:<length>
    • text-shadow?
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  • Transitions/Animations: New animation proposal

(Brian Birtles, Shane Stephens, Rik Cabanier, Alex Danilo to present)

(Dirk Schulze)

10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
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  • SVG DOM compatibility
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(Rik Cabanier and Nikos Andronikos)

12:30 pm
1:30 pm
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  • Update on SVG-in-OpenType implementation/proposal (Cameron)
  • Canvas in SVG
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3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
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  • SVG2
    • Spec build systems (CSS and SVG) (Dirk)
    • Editing the SVG2 draft
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  • SVG integration with HTML
  • Next F2F
    • Seattle/Paris
    • SVG Open
    • TPAC
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5:15 pm
6:00 pm