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Open Actions

There are 22 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2016 (edit) open Create test with both animation and scripting Anthony Grasso 2008-05-20 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2038 (edit) open Add 1.1 full opacity to compositing module Anthony Grasso 2008-05-30 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2067 (edit) open Add Eriks proposed wording to the Errata. Link to ACTION-2066 Anthony Grasso 2008-06-19 enable-background
ACTION-2141 (edit) open Split out the embedded examples in to pre-processed examples (separate files Anthony Grasso 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2197 (edit) open Work with ED on integrating ROC's proposal into the compositing/clipping&masking spec Anthony Grasso 2008-09-23 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2198 (edit) open Fold in the clipping&masking chapter into the compositing module Anthony Grasso 2008-09-23 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2412 (edit) open Merge 'enable-background' definition to align with Filters module Anthony Grasso 2009-01-29 enable-background
ACTION-2437 (edit) open See if the animate-elem-35 can be remade to work under smaller precision fixedpoint Anthony Grasso 2009-02-09 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2606 (edit) open Propose wording for "preserve black" attribute for color profiles Anthony Grasso 2009-06-16
ACTION-2623 (edit) open Convert the test suites to use the 3-clause bsd licence Anthony Grasso 2009-06-19 All
ACTION-2679 (edit) open Write up 3d transforms for svg model vs css model Anthony Grasso 2009-10-07
ACTION-2792 (edit) open Investigate rendering methods for diffusion curves Anthony Grasso 2010-06-07 SVG 2
ACTION-2883 (edit) open Add getCoordsAt to transform spec and coordinate with shepazu Anthony Grasso 2010-10-26
ACTION-2891 (edit) open Spec the SVG Attribute as a presentation property removing the need to keep same behavior as in other presentation properties in SVG Anthony Grasso 2010-11-11
ACTION-2985 (edit) open Update the SVG Advanced Gradients Usecase and Requirements to include a summary of exisiting technologies Anthony Grasso 2011-03-08
ACTION-3007 (edit) open Coordinate with Fujisawa-san to organise hosting for Tokyo SVG F2F Anthony Grasso 2011-03-11
ACTION-3016 (edit) open Find out if canon can host an svg wg f2f in osaka (colocated with css) Anthony Grasso 2011-04-13
ACTION-3032 (edit) open Officially respond to Tab's comments on SVG Compositing LC. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3033 (edit) open Rename the clip-to-self property to comp-op-region. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3034 (edit) open Add a note to enable-background new value to say that the x/y/width/height values have no effect. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3036 (edit) open Propose new wording for knock-out. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3037 (edit) open Split the comp-op values into two sections, Porter Duff and Blending in Section 5 of the Last Call specification. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05

Open Issues

There are 24 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2024 (edit)
SVG in Image
OPEN Elements for which "defer" can be used in preserveAspectRatio="" 2008-07-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2034 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 7
RAISED Paced animation: Interpretation of some given formulas missing 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2035 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 1
RAISED Paced animation: Unnecessary assertion 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2036 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 2
RAISED Paced animation: Inconsistencies 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2043 (edit)
References in spec
RAISED Make all references to TRs use dated URLs 2008-08-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2069 (edit)
RAISED Consider treating audio separately to graphics 2008-09-24 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2241 (edit)
RAISED 1. Introduction - More explanations about the used coordinate system 2009-03-22 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2243 (edit)
'transform-origin' property
RAISED 2.1. The 'transform-origin' property 2009-03-22 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2244 (edit)
'perspective' property
RAISED 2.2. The 'perspective' property 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2245 (edit)
TransformList Extensions incompatible
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2246 (edit)
animatable type matrix
RAISED 4. 'animateTransform' Extensions - consider the type matrix to be animatable 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2247 (edit)
4x4 to a 3x3 matrix minor fixes
RAISED 5. Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix - Minor fixes 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2248 (edit)
Scale on a 2D object
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions - Scale on a 2D object 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2249 (edit)
Rotation graphical example required
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions - Rotation graphical example required 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2250 (edit)
Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix typo
RAISED 5. Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix - Typo 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2251 (edit)
General conceptual feedback
RAISED General conceptual feedback 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2279 (edit)
animateTransform matrix-decomposition
RAISED animateTransform with matrix-decomposed like CSS 2009-06-10 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2302 (edit)
Object transforms effect on Gradients
RAISED How gradients are transformed by an object transform is unclear 2010-01-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2325 (edit) RAISED Test text-text-05-t.svg needs to be broken out into separate tests 2010-05-24 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0 0
ISSUE-2327 (edit) RAISED Test text-dom-01-t.svg needs to be broken out into separate tests 2010-05-27 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0 0
ISSUE-2328 (edit) RAISED Clarify how views affects viewbox and transform 2010-06-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2347 (edit) RAISED Define 'pt' to be 4/3 of a 'px' 2010-07-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2375 (edit) RAISED Difference in behaviour to SVG Full 1.1 when number of coordinates are specified for polyline or polygon 2010-09-14 SVG 1.2 Tiny: Errata 0
ISSUE-2381 (edit) RAISED Define marker direction handling 2010-10-06 SVG 2 0

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