World Wide Web Consortium

"Distributed Authoring: Present, and Future"

December 4-5, 1996

Sunnyvale Hilton Inn, Sunnyvale, CA


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The past two years have witnessed the development of a new class of distributed authoring tools which allow remote editing followed by a network save. Unlike existing tools which save their work to the local filesystem and ignore how web content is made accessible, distributed authoring systems directly employ the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to put web content on a server. This allows web content to be edited hundreds or thousands of miles away from the server which distributes it, and gives users the ease of pushbutton publishing.

Distributed authoring tools have many applications. Internet Service Providers currently sell web page hosting services where a customer, using an easy-to-use WYSIWYG tool on their personal computer, edits their home page which is stored far away on the provider's host system. Within a corporate intranet, employees are starting to use intranet-enabled word processing and spreadsheet tools to save their work directly to a departmental web server.

This symposium is an information-rich opportunity to be educated by key technology developers about this exciting new class of web application. Institutions with intranets will discover how distributed authoring tools can help manage their web sites, and will become plugged-in to the dramatic impact of the emerging intranet-enabled applications. Internet Service Providers can learn about existing distributed authoring tools, and how they can earn extra income or provide value-added service to their customers by supporting them. Technology developers can learn about ongoing efforts to develop interoperable distributed authoring and versioning capabilities, and how to get involved.


The symposium is a two day event, featuring:

Presentations and Demonstrations:


For more information about the presentations and demonstrations, please contact Jim Whitehead.


Due to space considerations, participation in this informative symposium is limited to 2 people per organization. If additional participation is neccessary, please email to for permission to send extra people.


W3C member organizations may send two participants for free.
Non-member organizations need to pay a registration fee of $500 per person.

MIT/Laboratory for Computer Science
World Wide Web Consortium
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Attention: Susan Hardy


The registration deadline has now passed. A limited number of late registrations will be accepted, but must be registered by 5PM EST, Wednesday, November 27. All registrations after this time must be made at the Symposium itself.

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Sunnyvale Hilton Inn, Sunnyvale, CA

The San Jose International Airport is 4.5 miles from the hotel with complimentary shuttle service available.

The San Francisco International Airport is approximately 25-30 miles north of the hotel. The estimated taxi fare is $45.00.


The Symposium on Distributed Authoring: Present, and Future is sponsored by the World Wide Web Consortium and the Irvine Research Unit in Software as a service to their members.