The <score-part> element

Parent element: <part-list>

The <score-part> element collects part-wide information for each part in a score. Often each MusicXML part corresponds to a track in a Standard MIDI Format 1 file. In this case, the <midi-device> element is used to make a MIDI device or port assignment for the given track or specific MIDI instruments. Initial <midi-instrument> assignments may be made here as well.


In this order


Name Type Required? Description
id ID Yes


This element is used in the following examples:

<assess> and <player>, <concert-score> and <for-part>, <ensemble>, <instrument-change>, <instrument-link>, <midi-device>, <midi-instrument>, <part-link>, <score-timewise>, <virtual-instrument>, Tutorial: Après un rêve, Tutorial: Chopin Prelude, Tutorial: Chord Symbols, Tutorial: Hello, World, Tutorial: Percussion, Tutorial: Tablature