The <score-instrument> element

Parent element: <score-part>

The <score-instrument> element represents a single instrument within a <score-part>. As with the <score-part> element, each <score-instrument> has a required ID attribute, a name, and an optional abbreviation.

A <score-instrument> element is also required if the score specifies MIDI 1.0 channels, banks, or programs. An initial <midi-instrument> assignment can also be made here. MusicXML software should be able to automatically assign reasonable channels and instruments without these elements in simple cases, such as where part names match General MIDI instrument names.

The <score-instrument> element can also distinguish multiple instruments of the same type that are on the same part, such as Clarinet 1 and Clarinet 2 instruments within a Clarinets 1 and 2 part.


In this order


Name Type Required? Description
id ID Yes An identifier for this <score-instrument> that is unique to this document.


This element is used in the following examples:

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