The <part-group> element

Parent element: <part-list>

The <part-group> element indicates groupings of parts in the score, usually indicated by braces and brackets. Braces that are used for multi-staff parts should be defined in the <attributes> element for that part. The <part-group> start element appears before the first <score-part> in the group. The <part-group> stop element appears after the last <score-part> in the group.

As with parts, a <part-group> can have a name and abbreviation. Values for the child elements are ignored at the stop of a <part-group>.

A <part-group> element is not needed for a single multi-staff part. By default, multi-staff parts include a brace symbol and (if appropriate given the <bar-style>) common barlines. The symbol formatting for a multi-staff part can be more fully specified using the <part-symbol> element.


In this order


Name Type Required? Description
type start-stop Yes Indicates the start or stop of the <part-group>.
number token No Distinguishes overlapping and nested <part-group> elements, not a sequence of <part-group> elements. The default value is 1.


This element is used in the following examples:

<concert-score> and <for-part>, <group-abbreviation-display>, <group-abbreviation>, <group-barline>, <group-name-display>, <group-time>