The <listening> element

Parent elements: <direction>, <measure> (partwise), <part> (timewise)

The <listen> and <listening> elements, new in Version 4.0, specify different ways that a score following or machine listening application can interact with a performer. The <listening> element handles interactions that change the state of the listening application from the specified point in the performance onward. If multiple child elements of the same type are present, they should have distinct player and/or time-only attributes.

The <offset> element is used to indicate that the listening change takes place offset from the current score position. If the <listening> element is a child of a <direction> element, the listening <offset> element overrides the direction <offset> element if both elements are present.

Note that the <offset> reflects the intended musical position for the change in state. It should not be used to compensate for latency issues in particular hardware configurations.


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