The <grouping> element

Parent elements: <measure> (partwise), <part> (timewise)

The <grouping> element is used for musical analysis. When the type attribute is start or single, it usually contains one or more <feature> elements. Feature elements contained within a stop type of grouping may be ignored.

This element is flexible to allow for different types of analyses. Future versions of the MusicXML format may add elements that can represent more standardized categories of analysis data, allowing for easier data sharing.


<feature> (Zero or more times)


Name Type Required? Description
type start-stop-single Yes Indicates if this is a single-note grouping, or the start or stop of a multi-note grouping.
id ID No Specifies an ID that is unique to the entire document.
member-of token No Distinguishes which <grouping> elements are in which hierarchy.
number token No Distinguishes between various overlapping and hierarchical groupings. The default value is 1.


This element is used in the following examples: