The <elision> element

Parent element: <lyric>

The <elision> element represents an elision between lyric syllables. The text content specifies the symbol used to display the elision. Common values are a no-break space (Unicode 00A0), an underscore (Unicode 005F), or an undertie (Unicode 203F). If the text content is empty, the smufl attribute is used to specify the symbol to use. If neither text content nor a smufl attribute are present, the elision glyph is application-specific.




Name Type Required? Description
color color No Indicates the color of an element.
font-family font-family No A comma-separated list of font names.
font-size font-size No One of the CSS sizes or a numeric point size.
font-style font-style No Normal or italic style.
font-weight font-weight No Normal or bold weight.
smufl smufl-lyrics-glyph-name No Used to specify the elision symbol to use if the element text content is empty. It is ignored otherwise.


This element is used in the following examples:

<elision>, <ipa>