24 February 2021


Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima

Meeting minutes

Sebastian: Anything else for the agenda?

McCool: we should schedule the release of the next PR candidate

Minutes Review

<kaz> Feb-17

Sebastian: any objections?

Sebastian: no objections to make the minutes public

Cancelling the next call

Sebastian: I propose to have no meeting next week and focus on the plugfest
… and also get familiar with the new features
… any objections?
… cancelled!

Sebastian: we should look at the master -> main change in the repository

Ege: it says that the PRs are updated accordingly

<McCool> wot-discovery PR 114 (as an example)

McCool: everything should be fine, others should update their environment (github and local) though

<McCool> PRs do seem to autoupdate and this PR worked

<kaz> repository management instruction

Sebastian: (renames master to main)

CR/PR scheduling

<kaz> publication plan

Sebastian: McCool, what is your opinion on the stability of the security features

McCool: except for what ege has commented, it is stable. For some other things, I am waiting the feedback of the security TF

Sebastian: I don't feel the same for the Thing Model, we need more experimentation

McCool: we should get an updated working draft by end of march
… then CR end of april

<kaz> Milestone calculator

<kaz> kaz: publishing an updated WD in March is fine, but we need to see the deadline for the CR as well, e.g., late April.

Sebastian: so updating the publication date for CR?

McCool: yes

Sebastian: I would say mid April for WD

<kaz> [May the 4th with us for the CR publication :)]

Sebastian: may the 4th for the CR

may the force be with us to respect the deadlines!

Collecting Topics for next VF2F

<kaz> TD topics during vF2F

Sebastian: who came up with this topic called "optimizing TDs by TM references"

McCool: this was about making TDs smaller, requested by the profiles TF

McCool: overview of the features would be great


Sebastian: PR 1042

McCool: it is ready to merge

PR 1042 - Add additionalResponses to Form

McCool: there are no example yet

McCool: ege or sebastian you had some examples, could you post in the PR

Sebastian: not sure about having schema in the forms

<Zakim> dape, you wanted to contentType being array

Daniel: I was puzzled about array type of contenttype but then saw that it is the case in normal forms as well

Sebastian: this showed up "out of nowhere"

Koster: different protocols can have different errors

[Some audio trouble with WebEx, and everybody needs to rejoin]

McCool: omitting contentType means that it is the same as the request

McCool: we have also talked about renaming it to errorResponses

Cristiano: how should client distinguish different points

McCool: there is text that says that there should be a way to distinguish

Koster: how to use validators here

(PR 1042 has been merged)

<kaz> PR 1042

PR 1049

<kaz> PR 1049 - TM Schema generation

<Zakim> dape, you wanted to do you plan to add TM validation to playground?

(PR 1049 merged)

PR 1058

<kaz> PR 1058 - Add JSON pointer assertion to definition of body sec location

Sebastian: (adds "WIP" to the title of the PR 1058)

PR 1062

<kaz> PR 1062 - TD schema restrictions

(PR 1062 will be merged after Ege's typo fix)

Sebastian's comment


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