DID Working Group

F2F Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 29-31, 2020

Getting to the site

See the Microsoft instructions (downloads a MS Word file).

Additional note: although the Microsoft offices are indeed not far from the main exit of the airport (which is also the exit if you take the train from downtown Amsterdam), there are currently major road works that could make walking to the Microsoft offices a challenge. The description above also refers to the possibility to get there by bus: After exiting the hall, you essentially find yourself on a bus station. The Microsoft instructions above refer to bus lines 87, 190, 191, 197, 198, 300 or 319. You want to take the buses going to the left as you come out of the hall. E.g., for the bus 300 (which is probably the most frequent line) you want to take direction Haarlem. Take the bus for one stop, get off at the station “Handelskade”. From there you can find the offices: Here is a a zoomed map which also shows the bus stop.

You can pay the fare by the driver, but if you stay down town Amsterdam, you are better off getting yourself a prepaid ticket (valid both for the train and the buses). There are machines in the arrival hall.

Public travel information to/from Schiphol if you want to stay (or just go to) Amsterdam:

Agenda, Slides, Participants

Meeting Minutes