The "ligatures" structure contains a list of ligatures defined in the font. Applications that cannot access advanced font features like OpenType ligatures can instead determine the presence of a ligature that joins together a number of recommended glyphs, and its code point, using this data.

Below is an excerpt from a dummy font metadata file for Bravura, with a section of the "ligatures" structure filled in:

  "ligatures": {
    "accidentalDoubleFlatParens": {
      "codepoint": "U+F530",
      "componentGlyphs": [

The structure uses the name of the ligature as its key, and the values include its code point, and its component glyphs. The component glyphs should be listed in an array called "componentGlyphs", in the same order as they are listed in e.g. the liga OpenType table.

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