Aligning noteheads horizontally

The noteheadOrigin point is defined for noteheads with non-zero left-hand side bearings, such as the double whole (breve) notehead that has two vertical lines at either side of the oval notehead itself, as illustrated in the figure below:

  • The horizontal grey lines denote staff lines, for scale.

  • The light blue boxes show glyph bounding boxes, with the left-hand side of the box corresponding to x=0.

  • The vertical dashed grey lines denote the left-hand edge of the rhythmic position, i.e. the position against which the notehead is aligned.

  • The red box shows the location of the noteheadOrigin point, as specified in the font metadata JSON file.

The left-hand example shows the alignment that will be produced simply by positioning notehead glyphs using the left-hand edges of their bounding boxes. The right-hand example shows the superior alignment that can be produced by offsetting the double whole (breve) note leftwards by the distance between x=0 and the noteheadOrigin point.

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