Well-deployed technologies

HTML provides specific help for autocomplete of credit card details (through the cc-xxx autocomplete tokens), making it easier to pay via credit cards once these details have been entered once.

FeatureSpecificationMaturityCurrent implementations
Autocompleteautocomplete attribute in HTML 5.1REC

Technologies in progress

Following a successful workshop on Web payments in 2014 and discussions on use cases and priorities for Web payments in the Web Payment Interest Group, W3C chartered a Web Payments Working Group to develop browser APIs to facilitate payment operations in Web applications:

  • The Payment Request API defines an API to allow merchants (i.e. web sites selling physical or digital goods) to utilize one or more payment methods with minimal integration. In this model, browsers facilitate the payment flow between merchant and user.
  • The Basic Card Payment specification describes data structures that enable the use of debit and credit cards in the Payment Request API.
  • The Payment Handler API defines a standard way to initiate payment requests from Web pages and applications.
FeatureSpecificationMaturityCurrent implementations
Web PaymentPayment Request APICR

experimental in firefoxexperimental in safari

shipped in chromeshipped in edge

Basic Card PaymentWD

Under consideration
consideration in firefox

In development
indevelopment in edge

shipped in chrome

Payment Handler APIWD

experimental in chrome