Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

31 Jan 2018


janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, JF, MichaelC, gottfried, Becka11y, Léonie, IanPouncey, tdrake


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preview agenda with items from two minutes

Agenda is accepted.

<janina> https://www.google.com/accessibility/

Janina: Google has opened an accessibility support desk.


Ian: Nothing to report.

Janina: Will send out the message i was supposed to.

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

<MichaelC> close action-2152

<trackbot> Closed action-2152.

<MichaelC> action-2162

<trackbot> action-2162 -- John Foliot to Prepare response to webvtt request for feedback on 2015 comments -- due 2018-01-10 -- PENDINGREVIEW

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/2162

<tdrake> I'm struggling with webex, watching the IRC stream.


<trackbot> action-2156 -- Joanmarie Diggs to Review file api https://www.w3.org/tr/fileapi/ -- due 2017-11-08 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/2156

Joanmarie: Still pending.

<MichaelC> action-2156 due 3 weeks

<trackbot> Set action-2156 Review file api https://www.w3.org/tr/fileapi/ due date to 2018-02-21.


<trackbot> action-2153 -- John Foliot to Review and draft a warning note for orienation api spec, for apa review -- due 2017-10-25 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/2153

John: Need to look at it again.

<MichaelC> action-2153 due 1 week

<trackbot> Set action-2153 Review and draft a warning note for orienation api spec, for apa review due date to 2018-02-07.

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

Leonie: Target date of HTML 5.3 is end of May for CR.
... Should have a WD update on April 6.

<MichaelC> ACTION: cooper to ping HTML 5.3 review - due 1 april

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2166 - Ping html 5.3 review [on Michael Cooper - due 2018-04-01].

<MichaelC> Packaging on the Web

Michael: Packaging on the Web - assume we don't need to do anything.

Janina: Pretty boring - we don't care

<MichaelC> Selectors Level 3

Michael: Went straight from REC to CR. No comment period for us.

Janina: Why?

Michael: Process does not allow this.

Janina: Just errata - okay.

W3C Verticals https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Verticals_to_Track

Janina: Michael has created a Wiki for us, for develop thoughts on verticals.
... More specifics later in the agenda.

<JF> +1 to a WebVR workshop

Leonie: Suggestion to hold an accessibility workshop on WebVR, possibly hosted by a company in Spain.

Janina: State of combining VR and AR = XR?

<JF> any idea of potential timeline?

Leonie: People were surprised by this idea.
... Workshop probably in the first half of this year.

John: In San Diego?

Leonie: Probably not.

Janina: How to proceed with the development of the verticals?

Michael: We have a name for each vertical. Could help kick-start stuff.
... Can these people prepare a list of things to do?
... Or could we come up with a template for structuring verticals.
... Ask people to develop proposals for verticals.
... Structure should be attractive to people.

Gottfried: One vertical is the maximum i can do.

Michael: We could make this a general rule.

Janina: We will discuss this in the coordination meeting today.

Charter Renewal

Janina: We planned to have a draft ready in March. Need to start drafting now in Feb.
... Myself an Michael will be involved. Anybody else?
... Hearing none...

Other Business

Janina: Follow-up from our comments on TTML and WebVTT - thanks to Gottfried and John
... Decision requests are sent out.
... At least two comments had a history on previous comments we made.
... We need to record the back-references.

John: I will follow up with David to attach our comments to the right issues.

Michael: The spec itself does also not link to Github.

<JF> ACTION: JF to follow up with WebVTT comments due Fewb 6

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2167 - Follow up with webvtt comments due fewb 6 [on John Foliot - due 2018-02-07].

Michael: Email response went to w3c archive only.

<JF> https://github.com/w3c/imsc/issues/316#issuecomment-361778997

John: Folks from TTML created a series of new issues.
... We assumed that captions can be fine-tuned by the user. This is now being discussed by people involved in TTML.
... They are concerned about implementability and impact on content.
... It has a potential impact on the new SC in WCAG 2.1 on text spacing.


Janina: Good to have discussion.

John: We need to be involved.

Janina: I understand that they are concerned about layout issues. We need to explain meaningful use cases to them.

John: Could be based on accessibility support.
... Their concern is that TTML is used in broadcast video. Maybe a set-top-box may not be as scalable as more advanced media players.

<scribe> ... New discussion needs to be teased and documented.

Janina: I will subscribe to the thread, and see if i have something to say.

John: Could part of APA help me to drive this discussion?
... This wg may not be actively monitoring activities at WCAG.

Janina: What is the likelihood that WCAG 2.1 should be tweaked?

John: Nigel pulls what he calls "conflicting requirements".
... Need for system defaults may be critical.
... Sites implementing their own subtitle players.
... Extensible model for player recommendations
... There is a blur between content creation and hardware/software for rendition.

Gottfried: Personal preferences involved?

John: "No loss of content incurs" is impossible.
... (that's what Nigel says)

Janina: I don't see the need for changing WCAG 2.1 from that.

John: We need to think about this, and make sure that what we ask for is implementable.
... We might note it as an item for next week's APA call.
... We need to maintain this discussion in the Github repo.
... If this continues, we might ask Nigel to join a call.

Janina: Are we asking people to violate WCAG 2.1?

John: Rather: Are we asking more than WCAG 2.1 requires
... If we do not have a technique that does this for closed captioning, can we still require it?

Michael: We do not have a horizontal review for WCAG 2.1. Adding an exception would constitute a substantial change.
... Maybe we need horizontal review in the future?

John: In MAUR, we have assumed that styling is possible for captions in WebVTT and TTML.

Gottfried: If you look at Youtube, they do it.

John: I think their concern is more on the broadcast layer.
... It's about set-top-boxes, and maybe Apple TV.
... More constrained abilities for modifying user settings.

Janina: It depends on the device.
... My smartphone can do more than my tv.

John: Can we define exceptions via techniques?

Michael: We will have to decide once we know specifics.

Janina: The solution could be a second device (printer, second screen).

John: Can we explain this in plain English?
... and provide examples in our techniques.

Janina: This is a strong point from MAUR - was adopted by TTML and WebVTT, but now we have these edge cases.
... Maybe we still have ways on small devices to satisfy user needs.

John: Need mechanisms for edge cases. Conversation with technical guys needed.
... Needs to be feasible in a real technical situation.
... Nigel loves to take these challenges and work on them.
... We might need a "summit meeting" in the next 2-3 weeks.

Janina: I agree.
... Let's keep going, and see where it goes.
... The call is adjourned.

be done

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: cooper to ping HTML 5.3 review - due 1 april
[NEW] ACTION: JF to follow up with WebVTT comments due Fewb 6

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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