VC Working Group

Information on Meetings


There are weekly teleconferences on Wednesdays with rotating time slots to allow for all geographical areas to participate on calls at least 1-2 times per month. The meeting schedules are:

See the group’s calendar page for the entries in the WG calendar. (Group members can “subscribe” to the calendar items through their personal calendar; see the “export” tab.) See also the separate page for further information on the Zoom bridge.

The Group also uses IRC for during the calls for minute taking, queue control, and general chit-chat. See the separate page at W3C for further details. This Working Group uses the #vc channel, and makes use of two bots on IRC:

F2F meetings

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes (both for F2F and telcos) are listed separately.

Minute taking

Minutes are taken using IRC, and is based by a collective effort: one of the participants should be the scribe for (part of) a session. The rrsagent bot is used to archive the IRC log at the end of the call, and a separate tool (called scribejs) is used to generate the cleaned-up minutes that are published on the Working Group’s Web site.

Minute taking and cleanup is greatly helped by:

Updating the minutes

The minutes themselves are stored, in Markdown (more exactly in “Kramdown”) on the WG’s core github repository in the _minutes folder.

As described in the separate page on our working mode, meeting minutes are considered as “Draft” until officially approved after five business days, usually at the subsequent meeting. During that period, if a participant requests a change in the minutes, he/she can issue, for example, a Pull Request with the proposed changes.