Verifiable Claims Working Group

Our Mission

The mission of the Verifiable Claims Working Group (VCWG) is to make expressing and exchanging claims that have been verified by a third party easier and more secure on the Web.

The Co-Chairs of the Working Group are Matt Stone, Pearson; Richard Varn, ETS, and Daniel Burnett, Invited Expert.

The W3C Team Contact for the group is Liam Quin.

The Working Group was announced in April 2017.

The Verifiable Claims Working Group Charter has information about joining the Working Group.


Check the Member-only mailing list for details of the teleconference; the call-in information is in the agenda e-mail each week.

First F2F meeting

Once the Working Group begins regular calls there will be discussion about scheduling the first face-to-face meeting. This will probably in the USA, depending on Working Group participation. We will try to arrange for remote participation for those Working Group members not attending.