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Agenda Tuesday 10 September 2019 20:00 UTC (in your time zone)



regrets+ Simon Cox, Nick Car, Peter Winstanley, Alejandra, Antoine

Reminding attendees to put Present+ <nickname>

Reminding chairs to put Regrets+

I. Appoint Scribe

II. Approve September 3rd meeting minutes

III. Check who is on IRC and WebEx

DCAT Update


See: Steps to Recommendation

  • Need date for working group review! Last date is September 17, but sooner would be better.
  • Open issues
  • Is there a wide review plan?

Notes from Nick for this meeting:

  • the main work that the editors have thought was needed for the overall scope of the specification, the Alternate Representations Data Model, is now present in PR 1038 - merged!
  • the Conneg Subgroup's Issues are down to 19, main discussion now focussing on:
    • #501 Registration of target attribute "profile" - seemingly now solved, as per latest comments
    • #20 Short tokens - a position statement for review has been added in PR #1060 (to eb merged < 24hrs)

Reopened Profile Guidance and PROF vocabulary

Profiles Vocabulary

Poll results
  1. remove hold? yes=11 no=0
  2. Can you work on it? yes=4, no=7
  3. What track? recommendation=6, note=5
  • Status so far : 2nd PWD
  • Date for WG review copy
  • Date for next PWD
  • Plan for wide community review of final (?) PWD

Immediate needs:

  • Address feedback from FPWD
  • Strategy to address remaining open issues
  • Develop list of substantive issues and comments that need to be addressed (may take digging through long, complex github issues :-()

Profile Guidance

Poll results
  1. remove hold? yes=10, no=1
  2. can you work on it? yes=5, no=6
  3. Type of deliverable: Recommendation=0, note=10, stop work=1

Status so far : Working Draft

Immediate needs:

Pull Requests of the week - for information only

List here merges of note. (Purely editorial changes - of which there were quite a few - not included)

Deliverable Pull Title Pull Link Note

All other CNEG changes were editorial. Pending/active PRs for CNEG are at (most of them waiting for Nick's affiliation to be updated so that he can merge).

All other DCAT changes were editorial and can be listed at

Pending/active PRs for DCAT 2 are at

Issues marked "due for closing" - for information only

These to be closed by next Friday (CET) unless requested otherwise noted. Please use github to get involved/comment

Deliverable Issue Title Issue Link Note

All other "due for closing" DCAT issues are editorial in nature and can be listed at

Checking Open Action items

  • List (LarsG thinks that ACTION-314 can be closed since the the trackbot now monitors all emails going to the public list)

Feedback Monitoring Spreadsheet

spreadsheet, not complete yet

Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)

WebEx Details

For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues IRC channel: #dxwg on IRC on port 6667

Please be sure to join both IRC and WebEx and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)

When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ {yourname}' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)


Minutes +
ScribeDSR +
SubjectProfiles work; DCAT to CR; conneg progress +
TypeTelecon +
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September 10, 2019 +