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Agenda Tuesday 10 July 2018 20:00 UTC (in your time zone)


Chair: Peter Winstanley

Regrets: AndreaPerego, Riccardo Albertoni (also July 17)

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I. Appoint Scribe

II. Approve July 03 meeting minutes

III. Check who is on IRC and WebEx

IV. General principles :- consensus and pluralism; persistence of contributions (what do we do eventually with all the GitHub materials?); Public comments being posted on GitHub.

Checking Open Action items


Profile Guidance group

  • subgroup report
  • Request (NC): can Requirements be moved from GDoc to GitHub?
* all items in the GDoc have had GitHub issues created and the doc has been annotated with them
* labeling of the issues has occurred and sorting queries placed in the GDoc

Profile Negotiation

  • subgroup report


Pull requests waiting

Requirements must be approved for Conneg and Profiles

Inheritance, conflict resolution and evaluation

  • Requirement: "Profiles may add to or specialise clauses from one or more base specifications. Such profiles inherit all the constraints from base specifications.” ID37 [ID39] #238

Europeana Use Case: Requirements for Profiles

See: ID37. Use case is greatly edited, new requirements replace requirement 12.:

  • 12.1 Requirement: a vocabulary or data model can be a profile of several other vocabularies or data models at once
  • 12. 2 Requirement [derived from the previous one: it's rather trivial, but one never knows…]: profiles may or may not be "exclusive" of other profiles, i.e. some profiles may forbid the use of their elements in combination of other profiles, while others (in a typical open-world fashion) will allow such combined use.
  • 12.3 Requirement: one can create a profile of profiles, with elements (constructs, axioms…) potentially inherited on several levels.
  • 12.4 Requirement: from the perspective of management of profiles, and guidance to users and data experts, ecosystems of profiles should be properly described (e.g. in profile catalogues/repositories), especially documenting the relationships between profiles and what they are based on, and between profiles that are based on other profiles.
  • 12.5 Requirement: a profile should have human-readable documentation that expresses for humans the main components of a profile, which can also be available as machine-readable resources (ontology or schema files, SHACL files, etc). This includes listing of elements in the profile, instructions and recommendations on how to use them, constraints that determine what data is valid according to the profile, etc. [From the documents accessible from references in this use case, it should be possible to infer more specific requirements in terms of profile documentation, but I lack time. It could be captured by other cases. It should maybe be addressed at a later stage of DXWG work.]
  • 12.6 Requirement: a profile may be (partially) "implemented" by "schemas" (in OWL, SHACL, XML Schema...) that allow different levels of data validation.
  • 12.7 Requirement: data publishers may publish data according to different profiles, either simultaneously (in one same data "distribution") or in parallel (via content negotiation).
  • ["Virtual" requirement: from the EDM profile(s) it should be possible to infer specific requirements in terms of data validation: this is probably out of scope of DXWG now, but we've done it for the DCMI WG that Karen and I co-chaired. It should also be possible to derive requirement in terms of description of profiles vs their implementations/schemas and how all this should be served. Now I see that there are some requirements like "Profiles are "named collections of properties" or metadata terms (if not RDF)", "Profiles may provide rules on cardinality of terms (including “recommended”)", "Profiles may provide rules governing value validity" "Profiles may express dependencies between elements of the vocabulary (if A then not B, etc.)" that go in this direction already. But I lack time and am hoping this will be captured by other cases, or will be addressed at a later stage of DXWG work]

Note: Conneg group should review conneg requirements; see if profileDesc functionality and conneg are adequately covered

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