Accessibility Conformance Testing Teleconference

29 Mar 2017

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Wilco, MaryJo, Charu, Shadi
Wilco, MaryJo


Should our meeting time change - Doodle poll https://beta.doodle.com/poll/2i6b3szkf2ewmasq

MJ: move the ACT editors meeting and reschedule the regular ACT meeting to Monday 9:00 AM US central time

Wilco: same time but moving to Monday
... will send a seperate email to coordinate the leaders meeting

Wilco: dropped some thoughts on the Test repository, need to figure out what format to use, look at some existing ones that has the most test cases and g from there

Test case repository https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/conformance-testing/wiki/Test_case_repository

<Wilco> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/conformance-testing/wiki/Test_case_repository

Shadi: not seeing much content on the page

MJ: we need to populate this with the content from Auto-WCAG?

Wilco: no Auto-WCAG does not have test case but Vallys, aXe, Level Access, which we can move

<Wilco> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/conformance-testing/wiki/Testing_Resources

MJ: Alistair email has links to test cases

Wilco: will grb that link here

MJ: i added link to Alistair's page
... i have added test procedure from DHS

Wilco: looking if there are examples
... ok the links have code snippets,
... who hosts aria examples?

Shadi: John Gunderson?
... check with Michael how to drag these out from Github

Wilco: will send him an email
... what else is good? is the before and after demo still good?

Shadi: this is real life site like a controlled environment, not test cases

Wilco: Let me think about this

cpandhi: may be add it as additional resource

Shadi: yes that can be done

Wilco: yes we can use it, what other training material is out there?
... Google released some material

<Wilco> https://webaccessibility.withgoogle.com/course

Shadi: how that would relate to test cases?

Wilco: they usually have best practices and code snippets
... deque has course work with examples, may be will have to do a doodle poll
... so did you MJ, Shadi and Charu look at Alistair's mail?
... how about take some time and respond after the meeting

Rules repository https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/conformance-testing/wiki/Rules_repository

Wilco: thoughts? looking for an efficient way to create this.

Shadi: Quickref, that is interesting, i like the idea

Wilco: can break off based on automated, semi automated and so on

Shadi: yes we can have a swtch in the quickref
... is there an acceptance criteria? how this relates to test cases and bench marking?

Wilco: yes that makes sense, the way to do is to every 6 months or twice a year to have a survey and approval?

Shadi: yes that can be additional, but how do we validate that these rules are evaluated and valid

Wilco: We will filter the rules before it goes to AG, and do a bench marking depending on the resources we have for the rules

Shadi: so if we put the bench marking to aside, how do we make it easy for folks who come with a new rule to be valid

Wilco: i suggest we do it with a pull request and the WG can evaluate that based on interpretation

Shadi: i think that is a great approach, get an agreement with comments
... when a rule comes in, it will be reviewed and then have a survey

Wilco: so yes we will have a paper trail on our agreement

Shadi: as long as we have agreement from the most in the group

Wilco: can come up with some questions
... comformes to our rule format

Shadi: one of the question is to ask, do you approve this rules and intend to implement this rule or have concerns with this rule or do not intend to implement this rule

<Wilco> - Have concerns about the rules - Approve of the rule - Have implemented - Intent to implement

<shadi> +1

<maryjom> +1

Wilco: we can work with the person who submitted the rule, check out the rule and get the support of the WG
... who is going to lead this
... we have the rules repository, test case repository, benchmark
... Alistair has volunteered to lead the test repository

Shadi: what do you need done, i may have Eric do it

Wilco: i can take one of those, can IBM take one?

Charu: prob Moe, i want to focus on developing the rules

Shadi: do you want to send Eric an email and cc me

Wilco: no i will talk to him first instead

Shadi: The Auto-WCAG, do you have an interface?

Wilco: yes, it is not so great

Shadi: May be after March 19 this can go into Auto-WCAG, do we need a task force?

Wilco: i think the workload will be less, auto-wcag should not be the gate keeper, certailny do not need a task force

Shadi: the reason is community groups are easy to join and we have quite a few

Wilco: They can contribute to rules repository as well as Auto-WCAG WG

Shadi: I am wondering if i should take the lead, it needs lot of coordinating work
... ok put my name there for this with someone may be

Wilco: ok i will keep that
... The Task force could get disolved once the rules format is done

Shadi: May be we can reuse and bubble up into AG WG

Wilco: a structure like that makes sense

Mary Jo: are we changing the time change next week?

Wilco: good question, yes MJ can you send an email on the time change

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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