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2014 Update: Community and Business Groups

Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>

June 2014, Cambridge, MA

Overview of this presentation

Previous presentation: June 2013 CG update

See also this presentation in a single-page.

Data on Community Groups

Data on CGs - participation

Data on CGs - growth trends

A history of Community and Business Groups growth trends:

Nov 2011 May 2012 Mar 2013 Jun 2013 Jun 2014
Groups 30 82 119 128 180
Individual participants 340 1280 2400 2882 4111
Member orgs 50 136 170 177 195
non-Member orgs 90 443 885 1061 1419

2014 outreach data

30 CG Chairs took the 2014 CG survey.

Transition Scenarios

We are still learning about transition scenarios. Here are some considerations and recommended steps around transitioning work to a Working Group:

If W3C starts a Working Group in a given area, non-Member organizations interested in the work should consider Membership.

Recent Transitions

3 groups transitioned since the June 2013 CG update:

Responsive Images Community Group (transitioned last year): In the past six months, work on responsive images has converged on two complementary solutions that are seeing rapid adoption (srcset attribute and picture element).

Transitions - near-term

4 groups are in various stages of transition:

Transitions - longer-term

6 groups intend to transition without a schedule for doing so:

W3C leveraging Community Groups

Community and Business Group challenges - Survey

There were few challenges that the 2014 survey highlighted:

Community and Business Group challenges - Other input

Related input from elsewhere:

Community and Business Group operations

Community Group Development activities

Community Group Development New Tool Wish List

Based on the June 2013 AC Meeting CG breakout feedback:

Thank you!

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