Cg 2013

From Community Council Community Group

This is a prioritized list of CG system improvements, based on various discussions and feedback, including with the Community Council.

This list of improvements will be implemented after the deployment of the redesigned CG site; see the beta deployment notes

Note: For the time-being, some aspects of BG operations (e.g., billing, notifications, etc.) are managed by the W3C staff.

Systems Team Primarily

High Priority

Community Development Lead Primarily

High Priority

  • CLA/FSA adjustments
    • Update CLA/FSA to use CC-by
    • Update licensing statement for reports to say that the reports are distributed under CC-BY. (Still indicating that participants contributed under CLA).
    • Editorial tweaks:
      • The CLA defines two states of a contribution, which I will call "potential" and "actual." A potential contribution only becomes an actual contribution when it appears in a specification within a certain time frame. Using labels to refer to the two states may help clarify somewhat.
      • Typo fix: issued -> is sued
  • Process
    • Add chair selection algo to process
    • Remove forum, glossary.
    • State clearly that the required visibility of participants + members+ team is a requirement for non-public BGs. (That is already what we do but it is not described as a requirement.)
    • Add to BG process that for BGs that operate in non-public space, people with minority objections have the right to publish them.
  • Adopt these names for two report classes, used consistently across site:
    • Community/Business Group Draft Report
    • Community/Business Group Final Report
  • Change "Final Specification Agreement" to "Final Report Agreement". This will require review of whole CG cite and new URIs for both documents and the associated deeds.
  • New requirement to distinguish Drafts/Reports (see existing requirements as well)
    • Add subhead to emphasize not a standard
  • Group charter
    • Document how to register a charter.
    • Update template for group home page to include link to charter if it exists.
    • Otherwise, indicate that the group does not have a charter and link to charter templates and instructions of how to register a charter.

Some changes based on TPAC and follow-up discussion about distinguishing CG deliverables from other W3C deliverables.

  <h2>Community Group Draft Report (date)</h2>
  <h2><em>This is not a W3C standard; <a>learn more</a></em></h2>

Medium Priority

Not Yet

  • In boilerplate, include link to documentation about "references to W3C materials" (draft in development within Team).

Other notes

  • IJ to check with Wendy on how BG doc license option is expressed.