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Tools for W3C Groups

Ralph Swick, <>

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If you do not want your voice recorded you may type your questions into irc.

Slides, audio recording, and minutes generated from irc typescript will be publicly accessible.


Tools for:

Creating and Modifying Content on the W3C site


Publishing with WebDAV on W3C

Though still documented as "experimental", this WebDAV interface has been in service for several years.

Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

Old but venerable

Use of CVS in W3C

HTTP (!)


Publishing with

See, e.g., BlueGriffon's PUTter add-on.

(and Amaya too.)


Mercurial at W3C; notes on accessing W3C's Mercurial instance.

Access Control on

Per-resource access control, (vs. per-directory)

Available throughout "Date space"

Technical Report Production

A good introduction for new editors of W3C specifications is the W3C Editors' home page.


ReSpec, a script that builds the standard pubrules-compliant W3C presentation from HTML.

A template will get you started quickly.

Use of ReSpec may facilitate future deployment of new features in W3C Technical Reports.

Link Checker

Link Checker service; checks links and anchors in single pages with option to recursively follow links.

Quick access via ,checklink tool


Unicorn; a unified validation service

(And for those who want to check an entire web site or branch of a large site there is W3C Validator Suite.)


Pubrules checker tests required material in (header material of) W3C Technical Reports as well as link checking.

Managing Issues, Actions, and Comments


W3C public Bugzilla instance

Two XSLT scripts exist to generate disposition of comments for the Director:

Historical note: a Member-only Bugzilla instance was made available but was retired this month (April 2014) as it was no longer actively used.

Last Call Comments

Last Call Comments tracker

Ref. Philippe le Hégaret's Chair training module on W3C, Process, and the W3C Team.

Meeting Management and Record-Keeping

Scribe 101; an introduction to how minutes of W3C meetings are captured.

Running meetings and generating minutes


Reserving a repeating teleconference slot
/invite zakim #thischannel


RRSAgent: recording an irc session

/invite rrsagent #thischannel


Tracker: issue, action, and resolution tracking

Tracker has several interfaces:

Trackbot is by convention pre-configured to always stay on your group's irc channel.

DisCo: Generating A Disposition-of-Comments Document from Tracker.

Different bots for different functions

teleconference bridge management; muting, agenda, speaker queue
record-keeping (irc log and minutes), has some features to notice action items and sort them for the minutes
issue and action tracking; notices what RRSAgent notices and adds many more features


Web-Based Straw-poll and balloting system



Scribe.perl; a script for generating "pretty" HTML minutes from an irc typescript.

Editing commands are included in the typescript and processed later.

Other Tasks

More Help on Tools


Thanks to the many Team and Working Group colleagues, current and alumnae, and to those outside the W3C community who have developed these tools and/or adapted them to W3C practices. Special thanks to those who have written or contributed to documentation, How-Tos, hints-and-kinks, and the like.

If you have more documentation, hints-and-kinks, etc. to offer please let us know so we can cite it in The Art of Consensus (aka "Chairs' Guidebook") or the Tools Wiki.