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Three Services: Pubrules, Checker, Sample

This resource provides three services:

  1. Pubrules filter, which shows only the relevant requirements for publication of a W3C Technical Report, Submission, or Incubator Report.
  2. Checker, available in two flavors:
    • Use auto mode to determine values from the document and then run the checker (then switching to manual mode for adjustments).
    • Use manual mode to exercise control over the type of tests run and their display.
  3. A sample of what the front of the document should look like given the chosen characteristics

Publication requirements and checker test results are shown below. The requirements and template are not shown in "Checker (Auto)" mode until you have run the checker.

A companion document includes a glossary, roles, and history of this document. A comparison of requirements across all document types is available.

For information about process requirements (how to request a transition, how to request publication, etc.), see How to Organize a Recommendation Track Transition . If you would like to discuss technical report production informally among your peers and get the latest tips and techniques, try the spec-prod mailing list (archive). Document Contacts should consult the W3C Manual of Style for guidance on additional publication topics and conventions.

Ian Jacobs, W3C Head of Communications.
This document is based on contributions from Ian Jacobs, Matthieu Fuzellier, Dan Connolly, Chris Lilley, Hugo Haas, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, Susan Lesch, Vivien Lacourba, and others. A filter is applied to the document source to provide specific views.
Created 3 Feb 2000.
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