Web Cryptography Next Steps

W3C Workshop on Authentication, Hardware Tokens and Beyond

10-11 September 2014, Silicon Valley (Mountain View), California

Accepted Position Papers

  1. ARM Submission
    by Hannes Tschofenig

  2. ISOC Statement of Interest
    by Karen O'Donoghue

  3. Maturity of Smart Card Chip Technology and Its Application to Web Security
    by Cathy Medich Sree Swaminathan, Kelly Urban, Siva Narendra (SmartCard Alliance)

  4. Enhancing privacy in token based electronic identity schemes
    by Jonas Andersson (Fingerprints)

  5. Why W3C needs to Remain Neutral and Endorse ‘Brand-free’ Hardware Security
    by Drew Thomas, Stephen Wilcox, Pradeep HR, Nizar Jamal, Siva Narendra (Tyfone)

  6. 2014 Internet Authentication Workshop Position Paper from Leidos
    by Chris Williams (Leidos)

  7. The Increasing Importance of Proof-of-Possession to the Web
    by Mike Jones (Microsoft)

  8. Cloud Service Privacy in a Pervasive Monitoring Landscape
    by John Mattsson and Stefan Håkansson (Ericcsson)

  9. Intel Statement of Interest
    by Matthew Wood (Intel)

  10. Web Cryptography API vNext should add BigNum support
    by Brian LaMacchia (Microsoft)

  11. Trans-identical Proposal
    by Colin Gallagher (Bitcoin Foundation)

  12. Security Assurance Levels for Crypto in the Browser
    by Bj Perng and Arshad Noor (Egistic)

  13. Use of SIM Card Authentication in the Open Web Platform
    by John Mattsson (Ericcsson)

  14. National eIDs and the Open Web Platform
    by John Mattsson and Vladimir Katardjiev (Ericcsson)

  15. Secure Element Access from a Web browser
    by Bruno Javary, Florian Recape and Cedric Barreau (Oberthur)

  16. Digital Certificate and Beyond
    by Sangrae Cho and Soo-Hyung Kim (ETRI)

  17. Smart Card Interaction with Web Users, Browsers and Servers
    by Adrian Castillo (HID Global)

  18. Detection and Mitigation of HTTPS Man-in-the-Middles and Impersonators
    by John Mattsson and Mats Näslund (Ericcsson)

  19. Enhancing Web Application Security with Secure Hardware Tokens
    by Karen Lu (Gemalto)

  20. Towards harmonizing ISO24727 FIDO and Web Crypto API
    by Detlef Hühnlein (ECSEC)

  21. A Proposal to Use Hardware Tokens for Web Authentication
    by Ullrich Martini (Giesecke & Devrient GmbH)

  22. Usability, Authentication and Privacy for Web browsers
    by Keija Takeda (Keio University)

  23. TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) Activity
    by Anders Rundgren (WebPKI)

  24. W3C Workshop on Authentication, Hardware Tokens, and Beyond
    by Hadi Nahari (NVIDIA)

  25. Using the W3C WebCrypto API for Document Signing
    by Nick van den Bleeken (Inventive Designers)

  26. Statement of Interest from Estonian Information System Authority
    by Martin Paljak (Estonian Information System Authority)

  27. Multifactor Authentication based on User Contextual Data and the Mobile Web
    by Jon Azen, Ian Brettell, Laurence Lundblade, Giridhar Mandyan and Mike Milikich (Qualcomm)

  28. Intercede Position Paper
    by Peter Cattaneo (Intercede)

  29. Request for WebCrypto API v2 functionality
    by Israel Hilario (Microsoft)

  30. Making Client Certificate Authentication Usable
    by Anders Rundgren (WebPKI)32

  31. SIMalliance Open Mobile API Working Group Position Paper
    by SIMalliance Open Mobile API Working Group

  32. Accessing GlobalPlatform Secure Component from a Web Application
    by Gil Bernabeu (GlobalPlatform)

  33. WebCrypto Analysis Highlights
    by Kelsey Cairns (Washington State University) and Graham Steel (INRIA)

  34. Mozilla Position Paper
    by Richard Barnes

  35. Beyond Online Authentication: An e-banking and e-government perspective
    by Sean Wykes (Nascent Technology Consultants)

  36. Oracle Position Paper
    by Prateek Mishra (Oracle)

  37. Hardware Tokens: SIM Applets for use in Mobile Connect
    by Natasha Rooney (GSMA)

  38. Deutsche Telekom Statement of Interest
    by Axel Nennker (Deutsche Telekom)

  39. A Position Paper for the W3C Workshop on Web Cryptography Next Steps
    by Dirk Balfanz (Google)

  40. STMicroelectronics statement of interest
    by Hervé Sibert and Fabio Sozzani (STMicoelectronics)

  41. Web Cryptography & utilizing ARM TrustZone based TEE (Trusted Execution environment) for authentication, cryptography and beyond
    by Jon Geater (Trustonic)

  42. Strong Authentication In and Beyond the Browser
    by Brad Hill (Paypal), Jeff Hodges (Paypal), David Aghdasaryan (NokNok Labs), Christiaan Brand (Entersekt), and Rob Philpott (RSA)

  43. Implicit Hardware Binding for Enhanced Security over Web Applications
    by Zhibin Lei (Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute)

  44. Proposal for a discovery and connection API for Proximity Security Devices
    by Philip Hoyer (HID Global)