Forms Working Group Teleconference

14 Nov 2012


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Erik, nvdbleek, [IPcaller], Steven, Alain


<trackbot> Date: 14 November 2012

<nvdbleek1> zik, who is here?

<alain> Zakil, I am [IPcaller]

Editorial meeting

Steven: Next week Nick and I are meeting to edit the spec, Tues, Wed, Thursday.
... Hopefully with lots to say Weds at the call.
... And wrap up Thursday with any luck.

8.1.7 The range Element


Steven: Small typo that I posted to record it and make sure we fix it next week.

Highlight validation-error on required field


Steven: Not yet replied to

Alain: I did something on this

Steven: Is this an XForms issue?

Alain: Yes, what should we do with a required field being empty

Nick: Different implementations do different things

Steven: I'm inclined to say this is how implementations can differentiate themselves
... I don't see easily how you could do this in CSS

Nick: With AVT's you can work around it

Steven: You mean you could have a class on a parent element saying whether submit had been pressed or not.
... You could have a styling that is more like a warning, such as a red background saying that it is required but empty

Nick: Some implementions have a flag saying whether a field has been visited.

Steven: You could smuggle a use of :visited

<nvdbleek1> http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/wiki/CSS_Classes

Steven: that's only defined for links; we could extend its use to fields

<nvdbleek1> Orbeon: xforms-required, xforms-required-filled

<nvdbleek1> xforms-invalid, xforms-visited xforms-invalid-visited

<nvdbleek1> xforms-visited

<ebruchez> (BTW xforms-invalid-visited was there only for IE6 which didn't support combining CSS classes)

Steven: Is xforms-visited used for fields in Orbeon?

Erik: Yes.

Steven: That works.

Nick: In the email, he wanted it just after the submission
... then you'd have to do a trick with an AVT
... I didn't understand what Alain did in XSLTforms

Alain: It works without an extra class, it works programmatically
... the node is invalid after a validation error
... I'll reply.

Optimizing event handling


Erik: The idea is to do the most you can. XML Events allows you to avoid redoing a lot of the work
... we preprocess and cache information about the event paths
... improving event dispatch
... We actually do it lazily the first time an event is dispatched
... it is especially useful when you have hundreds of events dispatched

Steven: Sounds like an interesting conference paper

Community Group

[No link]

Steven: Maybe we should ask people to plan to post something, maybe one person a week


Steven: There will be a call next week


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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