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Meeting: Forms Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 14 November 2012
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Regrets: Philip
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Chair: Steven
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 93676 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, nvdbleek1
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zik, who is here?
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Erik, nvdbleek
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see Erik, nvdbleek, Alain, Steven
16:34:38 [Steven]
Topic: Editorial meeting
16:34:56 [Steven]
Steven: Next week Nick and I are meeting to edit the spec, Tues, Wed, THurs.
16:35:15 [Steven]
... Hopefully with lots to say Weds at the call.
16:35:24 [Steven]
... And wrap up Thursday with any luck.
16:36:05 [Steven]
Topic: 8.1.7 The range Element
16:36:12 [Steven]
16:36:30 [Steven]
Steven: Small typo that I posted to record it and make sure we fix it next week.
16:36:51 [Zakim]
16:38:00 [Steven]
Topic: Highlight validation-error on required field
16:38:00 [Steven]
16:38:42 [Steven]
Steven: Not yet replied to
16:38:54 [Steven]
Alain: I did something on this
16:39:38 [Steven]
Steven: Is this an XForms issue?
16:40:03 [Steven]
Alain: Yes, what should we do with a required field being empty
16:40:18 [Steven]
Nick: Different implementations do different things
16:43:09 [Steven]
Steven: I'm inclined to say this is how implementations can differentiate themselves
16:44:17 [Steven]
... I don't see easily how you could do this in CSS
16:44:37 [Steven]
Nick: With AVT's you can work around it
16:45:14 [Zakim]
16:45:45 [Steven]
Steven: You mean you could have a class on a parent element saying whether submit had been pressed or not.
16:47:42 [Steven]
Steven: You could have a styling that is more like a warning, such as a red background saying that it is required but empty
16:48:05 [Steven]
Nick: Some implementions have a flag saying whether a field has been visited.
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16:49:01 [Steven]
Steven: You could smuggle a use of :visited
16:49:13 [nvdbleek1]
16:49:14 [Steven]
... that's only defined for links; we could extend its use to fields
16:49:44 [nvdbleek1]
Orbeon: xforms-required, xforms-required-filled
16:49:44 [nvdbleek1]
xforms-invalid, xforms-visited xforms-invalid-visited
16:49:44 [nvdbleek1]
16:50:12 [ebruchez]
(BTW xforms-invalid-visited was there only for IE6 which didn't support combining CSS classes)
16:51:20 [Steven]
Steven: Is xforms-visited used for fields in Orbeon?
16:51:25 [Steven]
Erik: Yes.
16:51:53 [Steven]
Steven: That works.
16:52:14 [Steven]
Nick: In the email, he wanted it just after the submission
16:52:29 [Steven]
... then you'd have to do a trick with an AVT
16:53:07 [Steven]
... I didn't understand what Alain did in XSLTforms
16:53:24 [Steven]
Alain: It works without an extra class, it works programmatically
16:54:00 [Steven]
... the node is invalid after a validation error
16:54:24 [Steven]
Alain: I'll reply.
16:54:48 [Steven]
Topic: Optimizing event handling
16:54:48 [Steven]
16:55:22 [Steven]
Erik: The idea is to do the most you can. XML Events allows you to avoid redoing a lot of the work
16:55:54 [Steven]
... we preprocess and cache information about the event paths
16:56:04 [Steven]
... improving event dispatch
16:56:36 [Steven]
... We actually do it lazily the first time an event is dispatched
16:56:54 [Steven]
... it is especially useful when you have hundreds of events dispatched
16:57:46 [Steven]
Steven: SOunds like an interesting conference paper
16:57:50 [Steven]
16:58:16 [Steven]
Topic: Community Group
16:58:16 [Steven]
[No link]
16:59:50 [Steven]
Steven: Maybe we should ask people to plan to post something, maybe one person a week
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17:03:35 [Steven]
Topic: AOB
17:03:42 [Steven]
Steven: There will be a call next week
17:03:46 [Steven]
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rrsagent, who is on the call?
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zakim, who is on the call?
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zakim, drop ALain
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Attendees were Erik, nvdbleek, [IPcaller], Steven, Alain
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