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Shift into High Gear on the Web

W3C Workshop on Web and Automotive
14-15 November 2012, Rome, Italy

[Web and Automotive] Shift Into High Gear on the Web; W3C Workshop; 14-15 November 2012, Rome, Italy


W3C gratefully acknowledges Intel Open Source Technology Center for hosting this workshop.





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Workshop Papers

Gadget Car
by Marcin Hanclik, Shinjiro Urata (ACCESS)
by (AKQA)
Audi's Statement of Interest
by Burkhard Mayer (Audi)
Putting safety first
by Ingo Moldenhauer and Oliver Novakovic (Alpine Electronics R&D Europe GmbH)
Black Duck Representation in W3C Workshop on Web and Automotive
by Boris Geller (Black Duck)
Enabling Rich Web Applications for In-Vehicle Infotainment
by Simon Isenberg, Wolfgang Haberl and Matthias Goebl (BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH,); Maximilian Michely and Uwe Baumgartenz (Technical University Munich)
Relationship Between the Car and the Mobile Phone
by Erika M. Olimpiew (CSC)
Modeling Driving behavior in relation to ITS and human factors
by Raymond G. Hoogendoorn (Delft University of Technology)
automotiveHMI – Model-Based In-Vehicle Infotainment Description as a Stepping Stone for the Integration of Car and Web
by Gerrit Meixner, Marius Orfgen and Moritz Kuemmerling (DFKI)
Proposing a Meta-Language for Specifying Presentation Complexity in order to Support System Situation Awareness
by Christoph Endres and Michael Feld (DFKI); Christian Müller (EIT ICT Labs)
Avoid roadblocks toward a Web Highway; Automotive an Extra Sensory Powerhouse of Data
by Magnus Olsson and Konstantin Zervas (Ericsson AB)
Fujitsu Positoin Paper
by Makoto Sakamoto (Fujitsu Ltd.)
How can webapps benefit from automotive environment, with safety?
by Pierre Girard (Gemalto)
Harman Statement of Interest
(Harman Automotive)
Hitachi Statement of Interest
by Mitsunori Maru (Hitachi)
Honda Position Paper
by Cheree Anne Schepp (Honda R&D Europe)
Achieving a Safe and Seamless User Experience Through Accessible Web Applications
by Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (Igalia)
Intecs and ISTI-CNR Position Paper
by Raffaella Mambrini, Elena Cordiviola (Intecs SpA); Massimo Magrini, Massimo Martinelli, Davide Moroni, Gabriele Pieri, Ovidio Salvetti (ISTI-CNR)
Intel Statement of Interest
by Mikko Ylinen (Intel OSTC)
Intel Position Paper
by Tsuguo Nobe (Intel K.K.)
Position Paper of Japan Automobile Research Institute
by Hiroshi Ito (ITS Research Division)
The Architecture of Future Automotive Applications based on Web Technologies
by Luka Bradesko and Marko Grobelnik (Jozef Stefan Institute); Andreas Harth and Achim Rettinger (Institute AIFB, KIT); and Sebastian Speiser (Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, KIT)
KDDI’s Position Paper
LGE Position Paper
by Justin Park and Hyungjin Jeon (LG Electronics)
Livio Position Paper
by (Livio)
Mitsubishi Statement of Interest
by Peter Winzell (Mitsubishi)
NTT Docomo's Position Paper
by Masaaki Yamamoto (NTT DOCOMO,INC)
Drive by Wire: Building the Wired Automobile World
by Daniel Austin (Paypal Inc.)
QNX Expression of Interest
by Andy Gryc and Marc Lapierre (QNX Software Systems Ltd.)
Renault Position Paper
by Ludovic Alidra (Renault)
SMK Position Paper
by Haruhiko Kondo (SMK Corporation)
Valcon equity Statement of Interest
by Erik Pellemeier (Valcon equity)
Visteon Position Paper
by Jean-Marc Temmos (Visteon Software Technologies)
HTML5 and Device APIs for Automotive: Is it time to power Infotainment and Car Portal Applications with Web Technologies?
by Diana Cheng (Vodafone)
Position Paper for W3C Web and Automotive Workshop
by Marius Spika, Mark Beckmann (VolksWagen)