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eBooks: Great Expectations for Web Standards

A W3C Workshop on Electronic Books and the Open Web Platform

11-12 February 2013, New York, USA

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W3C gratefully acknowledges O'Reilly for hosting this workshop.


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Topics for the Workshop

The Program Committee will primarily be looking at the following topics for the Workshop:


  • standardization issues, including relationship to current and future W3C standards like HTML, SVG, MathML, Web API-s, metadata, etc.
  • layout definition and control (fixed and adaptive layout, high quality typesetting, font definition and management, etc.)
  • accessibility (authoring accessibility guidelines including graphics, fallbacks)
  • voice control


  • color management and conversion
  • device descriptions
  • widgets definitions, standardization
  • conformance (definitions, requirements, testing methodologies, certification)
  • ergonomy


  • DRM management (including interoperable and open DRM systems, social DRM, etc.)
  • unique identification of eBooks
  • outreach and deployment
  • packaging
  • metadata storage and vocabularies

Other topics may also be considered with a lower priority for this workshop (but may become the main topic for other events):

  • browser based vs. standalone readers
  • monetization, (micro-)payment
  • media codecs
  • book production workflow
  • internationalization and localization issues
  • dictionaries and glossaries
  • index generation
  • context based advertizing