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There are 21 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-122 (edit) pending review Draft possible use of site-specific exception API to test existence of DNT / ask for exceptions even without DNT turned on Nick Doty 2012-02-15 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-189 (edit) pending review Differentiate observers from members in attendee list for DC minutes Nick Doty 2012-05-02
ACTION-180 (edit) pending review Provide a text update to section 4.3 to resolve issue 116 and ISSUE-84 Nick Doty 2012-05-23 ISSUE-116
ACTION-224 (edit) pending review Ensure that Section 4 reflects the latest DomAPI proposal by Nick Nick Doty 2012-07-15 ISSUE-84
ACTION-218 (edit) pending review Write up proposal on issue-112 that we do exceptions based on origin Nick Doty 2012-07-18
ACTION-235 (edit) pending review Draft middle way draft on permitted uses Nick Doty 2012-09-04
ACTION-241 (edit) pending review Propose changes regarding issue-116 (and also "general preference") Nick Doty 2012-09-10
ACTION-252 (edit) pending review Propose defining formerly-known-as absolutely-not-tracking via permitted uses Nick Doty 2012-09-12
ACTION-260 (edit) pending review Update debugging text (add normative 'short term', 'diagnostic', expand on or replace "graduated response") Nick Doty 2012-10-03
ACTION-275 (edit) pending review Update middle way proposals to avoid relying on "tracking" Nick Doty 2012-10-10
ACTION-318 (edit) pending review Update draft with JS window/navigator change (coordinate with dsinger/adrianba text) Nick Doty 2012-10-12 ISSUE-116
ACTION-319 (edit) pending review Draft non-normative text on how to accomplish non-JS third parties that want to request for exceptions (with lou) Nick Doty 2012-10-12 ISSUE-138
ACTION-325 (edit) pending review Help re-factor into appendices (with justin, jmayer?) Nick Doty 2012-10-24 ISSUE-175
ACTION-334 (edit) pending review Re-update on handling of sub-domains, clarify concrete options (issue-112, perhaps with Shane) Nick Doty 2012-11-14
ACTION-360 (edit) pending review Send email explaining why the proposal in ISSUE-152 is not needed and why issue 152 shall be closed Nick Doty 2013-02-06 ISSUE-152
ACTION-363 (edit) pending review Draft text for user agent flexibility on exceptions Nick Doty 2013-02-20
ACTION-429 (edit) pending review Add wiki page regarding how-to, dashboard on our process for issues/change proposals Nick Doty 2013-09-25
ACTION-466 (edit) open Move "transfer" concept/qualifier to tcs Nick Doty 2015-03-18
ACTION-468 (edit) open Start wiki page for gathering implementations Nick Doty 2015-09-30
ACTION-469 (edit) open Follow up regarding test suites and w3c infrastructure Nick Doty 2015-09-30
ACTION-471 (edit) open Raise bugs regarding eff interop Nick Doty 2015-10-28

Open Issues

There is 1 open issue listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-199 (edit)
OPEN Limitations on the use of unique identifiers 2013-05-29 Compliance Current 0

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