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ACTION-146 (edit) pending review Review the proposed text for ISSUE-111 in the context of a redirect chain where some parties get 0, some parties get 1, and there is potentially some data sharing between the parties in the redirect chain Ian Fette 2012-03-21
ACTION-147 (edit) pending review Enumerate scenarios in which requesting exception[mysite,*] might not work, e.g. user says no, then how do you figure out what you can or cannot get exceptions for, such as if user is only saying no to facebook but you don't know which, if any, of their ad networks the user is objecting to Ian Fette 2012-03-21
ACTION-165 (edit) pending review Draft example text around using the Geolocation API for non-normative text on "Geolocation compliance" section in Compliance Ian Fette 2012-04-25 Compliance Next
ACTION-190 (edit) pending review Write up proposal for allowed uses for protocol data in the first N weeks Ian Fette 2012-05-02 ISSUE-174
ACTION-193 (edit) pending review Document difficulties around well known URIs for large sites and propose alternatives Ian Fette 2012-05-09
ACTION-194 (edit) pending review Write up a proposal for transitive third party exceptions Ian Fette 2012-05-09
ACTION-187 (edit) pending review Write text for ISSUE-99 around identity providers as first or third parties, DUE May 5 2012 Ian Fette 2012-06-06
ACTION-222 (edit) pending review Document out-of-band js api Ian Fette 2012-07-25
ACTION-266 (edit) pending review Suggest retention related to a timed grace period (with dwainberg) Ian Fette 2012-10-10 ISSUE-174
ACTION-279 (edit) pending review Write an explanation of graduated response and a list of explanatory use cases Ian Fette 2012-10-10 ISSUE-24
ACTION-284 (edit) pending review Propose barring other software from altering a DNT signal if the browser already set it Ian Fette 2012-10-10
ACTION-303 (edit) pending review Draft definition of "visit" Ian Fette 2012-10-11 ISSUE-97
ACTION-304 (edit) pending review Draft proposal on url re-direction Ian Fette 2012-10-11
ACTION-313 (edit) pending review Draft normative text based on adrianba's exception proposal Ian Fette 2012-10-12

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