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My name is Richard Cyganiak.

I'm a researcher and developer at DERI, NUI Galway in Ireland. I co-maintain the LOD Cloud diagram. I'm a co-founder of the Linking Open Data community project at W3C. I build software for working with RDF, such as D2RQ, prefix.cc, Neologism, NG4J, Pubby, Sig.ma. I'm a proud member of the Pedantic Web Group.



  • See my submission to the RDF Next Steps workshop: Next Steps for RDF: Keep the core and pave the cowpaths
  • Incorporate into the standards what we have learned as a community
  • Do not jeopardize what works
  • This is not the place to promote research
  • RDF has failed as a foundation for knowledge representation languages
  • RDF is succeeding as a data model for data integration and data management

Expected focus of work in the RDF WG

  • Named graphs (as abstract syntax for dealing with context in RDF)
  • Turtle (as friendly surface syntax)
  • “Weak deprecation” of cruft (reification, rdf:Alt, RDF/XML)
  • Relationship of RDF and web architecture

W3C experience