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Dataset Operations

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Dataset Operations

Between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics, we have a number of operations on RDF graphs:

  • Isomorphism
  • Union
  • Merge
  • Equivalence
  • Entailment

Should similar operations be defined on RDF datasets? This question is ISSUE-111. On this page, we will collect information and proposals on this question.

Relevant WG Resolutions

No semantics for datasets: “This Working Group will not provide a Formal Semantics for RDF Datasets or for our Dataset Syntax (eg trig).”

ISSUE-17 resolution: “There is no general purpose way to merge datasets; it can only be done with external knowledge.”




  • Per ISSUE-17 resolution, we will not do this.

Untrusting Merge


  • This is best understood as a semantic relationship, and since the WG does not specify a semantics for RDF datasets, this seems to be precluded.


  • Since the WG does not specify a semantics for RDF datasets, we will not do this.



Union Dataset and Merge Dataset