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(This is leftover from StringLiterals/EntailmentProposal)

Optional: Additions to RDF Semantics

I think this would be nice as a formal underpinning of the notion of literal value equality. It's not really necessary though.

§9 RDF Semantics defines a new form of entailment, let's call it String-Entailment

§10 String-Entailment is defined so that:

"aaa" <=> "aaa"^^xsd:string
"aaa" <=> "aaa@"^^rdf:PlainLiteral
"aaa"@en <=> "aaa@en"^^rdf:PlainLiteral

§11 I hope this can be done by adding lines for xsd:string and rdf:PlainLiteral to the yellow table in Section 1.4, plus a new subsection in Section 7, plus an extension of Appendix A.

§12 String-Entailment would not be sandwiched into the current stack of entailment levels, but rather would be described as orthogonal to the other entailment levels. (String-Entailment is however a subset of D{xsd:string,rdf:PlainLiteral}-Entailment.)