W3C Workshop on Identity in the Browser 24/25th May 2011, Mountain View (USA)

Position papers

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  1. Identity in the Browser: Easy Wins and Guiding Principles
    by Naveen Agarwal, Miranda Callahan, Tyler Close, Travis McCoy, Chris Messina, Glen Murphy, Dirk Pranke (Google)

  2. National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace - Requirements and Potential Use Cases
    by Peter Alterman (NIH)

  3. A Vision for Browser-Assisted Web Authentication
    by Siddharth Bajaj, Slawek Ligier (Symantec)

  4. The Chained Identity Systems of Online Entertainment
    by Wendell Baker (Yahoo!)

  5. Identity in the Platform - Thinking Beyond the Browser
    by Dirk Balfanz (Google)

  6. Web authentication is deeply flawed, and it is time to fix it
    by Patrik Bichsel, Dave Raggett and Rigo Wenning

  7. Considering Browsers' Role in a User-Centric Online Identity Ecosystem: Privacy and Context
    by Aaron Brauer-Rieke (Center for Democracy & Technology)

  8. Expression of Interest - Improving Identity Management on the Internet
    by David W Chadwick, George Inman, Kristy Siu (University of Kent)

  9. NSTIC, Privacy and Social Login
    by Francisco Corella, Karen P. Lewison (Pomcor)

  10. Tailored Signatures with DOSETA
    by D. Crocker (Brandenburg InternetWorking)

  11. AuthenTec Online Open Authentication
    by Vito Fabbrizio, Greg Kerr (AuthenTec)

  12. Account Management: A Deployment and Usability Problem
    by Phillip Hallam-Baker (Comodo Group)

  13. Empowering Individuals with Tools to Manage Their Personal Data for the Identity in the Browser
    by Kaliya Hamlin, Mary Hodder (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium)

  14. Federated Browser-Based Identity using Email Addresses
    by Mike Hanson, Dan Mills, Ben Adida (Mozilla)

  15. The Chicken, the Egg and the Rooster: Why Internet Identity is Still Unsolved
    by Dick Hardt

  16. Identity as a Platform Service
    by Sam Hartman (Painless Security), Josh Howlett (JANET(UK))

  17. Looming private information fiasco versus the new cloud business model: The next generation will ask "Where were you when this was going down?"
    by Carl Hewitt

  18. Identity in the Browser - Avoiding Common Flaws
    by Brad Hill

  19. Importance and Impact of Requirements on Technical Solutions for Identity
    by Frederick Hirsch (Nokia)

  20. Mobile Provided Identity Authentication on the Web
    by Jonas Hogberg(Ericsson)

  21. The Nexus of Identity
    by Maryann Hondo, Mary Ellen Zurko, Matthew Flaherty, Paula K. Austel, Sridhar Muppidi (IBM)

  22. How to Improve the Security around the Mobile User Authentication Process?
    by John Hwang (Neustar)

  23. Evolution of Identity in the Face of a New Lightweight Web Services Paradigm Shift
    by Phil Hunt (Oracle)

  24. The Emerging JSON-Based Identity Protocol Suite
    by Michael B. Jones (Microsoft)

  25. Identity Security within Web Browsers
    by Kevin Jones, Narm Gradiraju, Jack Matheson (Intel)

  26. Selected issues with web identity mechanisms and a possible way forward
    by Vladimir Katardjiev, Goran Eriksson (LM Ericsson AB)

  27. Identity in the Federal Learning Registry
    by James Klo, Marie Bienkowski (SRI International)

  28. Goals, Constraints, and Issues for Identity in the Browser
    by John Linn (RSA/EMC)

  29. Browser Personas: Towards a Reasonable Middle Ground
    by Ben Livshits (Microsoft)

  30. Backplane Protocol and Identity Scenario
    by Brian Mcginnis, Johnny Bufu, Vlad Skvortsov (Echo)

  31. Privacy Delegate: a browser-based tool for privacy self-management in social networks
    by Miguel A. Monjas, Jose M. del Alamo, Juan-Carlos Yelmo, Jonas Hogberg (Ericsson)

  32. Browser support for identity federation with many identity providers
    by RL "Bob" Morgan (University of Washington, InCommon)

  33. Reparing HTTP authentication for Web security
    by Yutaka Oiwa, Tatsuya Hayashi, Boku Kihara (AIST)

  34. Bridging the Disconnect Between Web Privacy and User Perception
    by Mike Perry (The Tor Project)

  35. Improving password managers and multidevice synchronization
    by Yngve Pettersen (Opera Software ASA)

  36. Two-factor Authentication for the Cloud
    by Anders Rundgren (PrimeKey Solutions AB)

  37. The WebID Protocol & Browsers
    by Jeff Sayre, Henry Story

  38. Thoughts on Trust Infrastructure, User Interface, and Legal Issues
    by Stephen Schultze (Princeton University)

  39. Statement of Interest and Requirements for W3C Workshop on Identity in the Browser
    by Dan Schutzer (Financial Services Roundtable/BITS)

  40. Do you know who I am?
    by David Singer (Apple)

  41. Building the Legal Framework for Browser-Enabled Identity
    by Thomas J. Smedinghoff (Wildman Harrold, Allen & Dixon)

  42. A WebID Implementation in Pure JavaScript and Flash
    by Manu Sporny, David Longley, David I. Lehn, Mike Johnson (Digital Bazaar)

  43. Identity in the Browser: Putting the Cart Before the Horse
    by Andy Steingruebl, Jeff Hodges (PayPal)

  44. A usable identity management system for the Digital Public Space
    by Olivier Thereaux, Mo McRoberts, Richard Northover (British Broadcasting Corporation)

  45. On OIX and NSTIC
    by Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation, OIX)

  46. Digital Identity in Perspective
    by John Tolbert (The Boeing Company)

  47. Identity In The Browser at 5. Lessons Learned
    by Paul Trevithick (Azigo)

  48. Browser Support for the Open Authorization (OAuth) Protocol
    by Hannes Tschofenig, Barry Leiba, Blaine Cook, Rob van Eijk

  49. The Need for a Web Security API
    Sean Turner (IETF Security Area Director), Stephen Farrell (IETF Security Area Director), Peter Saint-Andre (IETF Applications Area Director)

  50. Server Authentication with DNSSEC
    by M. Vanderveen

  51. Browser Assisted Identity Management
    by Yu Wang, Aanchal Gupta (Yahoo!)

  52. Position paper from Netflix, Inc.
    by Mark Watson, Mitch Zollinger, Wesley Miaw (Netflix)

  53. GSS-REST, a Proposed Method for HTTP Application-Layer Authentication
    by Nicolas Williams (Cryptonector)

  54. Consumer Third Party Authentication: Challenges and Potential Solutions
    by Craig H. Wittenberg (Microsoft)